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Interview with Lil Wave Daddy with T. Lavender

Lil' Wave Daddy sits down with T.Lavender

1. Where are you originally from? Lil Wave Daddy: I’m originally from conyers, ga.

2. How did you come up with Lil Wave Daddy as your artist name? And what made you want to change your name? Lil Wave Daddy: I came up with the name due to the fact of me having waves. It grew on me. Wave pages were reposting me and sending me things. But at that time I had taken a break from music. And once I started back up I was debating on changing me name then I was like forget it . I’m not changing it anymore . What made me want to change it was because I’m a person of interest and I feel like your name carries weight when you are someone like me . So I went for something that’s me/ describes me.

3. I know you’re independent. A lot of artist are sticking taking the indie route. Do you want to sign with a major label or stay indie?

Lil Wave Daddy: Well right now me and my team Have A Reason are working on making this bigger than the eye can see! I’m in no rush to sign but yes , I will eventually sign.

4. What is Lil Wave Daddy’s motivation for doing music? What inspires you. Lil Wave Daddy: My motivation for doing it is knowing that god gave me the ability , knowing there’s someone else who’s not here today & wanted to be the same thing i was striving for possibly even looked up to me . My inspiration is my story & all the things I’ve been through that got me here . Despite of what social media tries to make me look like. I’m really down to earth & cool individual, so the hate is motivation as well. All the people who love and support me is my BIGGEST MOTIVATION!

5.“Patek Pateek” is doing big numbers man. Did you know that record was going to be as big as it is? Like, where were you when it hit it’s first million streams? Lil Wave Daddy: Yes it really is ! So amazing and unbelievable. One thing about a hit , you never know which one it’s gone be. When my first single “Lil B****” took off I knew I had to stay on this wave. So when I went to my engineer Carby I told em we HAVE to make this go up! I didn’t know what I was doing , I really was just making the music I felt. Like I genuinely want a patek lol. When it hit a million i was sitting in my living room scrolling on my phone!

6.I know nothing happens over night. Tell me a little bit about how you started doing music & the struggles you had to face while doing it.

Lil Wave Daddy: I was raised in the church like most children. I actually started on the drums at 3 and has always just had an ear for music. I’ve been through a little bit of everything . From being homeless , to abusive relationships , to doing free shows , to going without eating , to working job to job , like I know most artists have this story but not everyone overcomes the obstacles they face so that’s another reason why I standout.

7. You know I have to ask if Lil Wave Daddy is single. All the beautiful ladies out there are trying to shoot their shot. Are you single?

Lil Wave Daddy: Lol yes, I am single. I’ve actually been single for a year now . Mid 2019 I tried something, we kicked it for 7 months . But it just wasn’t relationship worthy. Um, I think I still need to work on me and some of my toxic ways . And just be patient when it comes to love.

8. I know you’re working on a lot of music right now. When can we expect an album from you? Any projected titles yet?

Lil Wave Daddy: Yes! May of 2020 I will be dropping my first album and it will be amazing . Featuring some really big names. Um I just say stay tuned and prepare yourselves because May is gonna come fast.

9. Let’s get into the Atlanta scene. What are the good & bad about being in Atlanta & what are the challenges you have to endure being in Georgia?

Lil Wave Daddy: I’m not technically from there but my entire family is. 750 cascade road is where we were initially raised before my mom moved to conyers in 99 when I was 4. Like I said though , she had me in conyers so  remember it being very normal . When you’re a kid a struggle isn’t a struggle to you. You’re just enjoying the moments . I still have family in Atlanta that I want to help move out of the hood so it’s all just a process and a preparation.

10. What’s next for Lil Wave Daddy? Any traveling? New ventures? What can we expect from you this year?

A lot is next ! Yes! Just follow me on All social sites @LilWaveDaddy to keep up with more of me. Please expect the unexpected.

Alright, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. Thank you for showing us so much love. Let the people know where they can check you out. Lil Wave Daddy: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know more about me and sharing me on your platform! Me and my team are excited to work with you more in the future ! You can follow me on all social sites @lilwavedaddy ! Also please go and stream my hit singles “Lil B****” & “Patek Pateek” they’re available EVERYWHERE!

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