Who Ever Said Love Was Easy

Updated: May 1

It’s very easy to love, support and appreciate someone when everything is going right and you're getting what you want out of the relationship/friendship, etc, but can you love, support and appreciate someone when everything is going wrong and nothings right?! Or do you just walk away because it’s the easiest thing to do?! Moral of the story is; love is compromising when you don’t want to, love is understanding even in confusion, love is patience when your frustrated, love is being kind even when your angry, love is fighting for it even when you want to give up, love is standing your ground even when the pavement is unstable. Love isn’t cheating, belittling, back stabbing or betrayal. Love is realizing even though things aren’t perfect there’s perfection in the process. People often ask why don’t you leave?! It’s easier said than done and the simple answer is because you can’t tell a person when they’ve had enough of their own relationship. Be a friend and support them through it all and watch them evolve from a caterpillar to a butterfly. This is the simple form of love!!

By: Raqi (Rah) Joyner

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