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Vona B., R&B Artist

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Who is Vona B

Vona B. Is a small town girl with a big dream of becoming the next R&B and Pop legend in the game. I’ve been singing since I was two dancing since I was 8. I aspire to change lives, heal people, make people move and feel good about themselves through music.

Where are you from?

I’m from Fairfield CA.

Now I know you’re young, but I know some O.G. artist have influenced you with your music. Who are the artist that made you want to become the singer that you are today?

Beyonce first and foremost has had the most influence over me and my career. We differ in sound but, I aspire to be a business woman and mogul like her. She’s been inspiring me with her art since Destiny’s Child. I was a little girl watching her and I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I got older. Whitney Houston is also a big influence, her voice literally brought people together. Michael Jackson, how could he not? The stage presence is out of this world. Erykah Badu, she has spiritually put so many of us in a place to self reflect through her music. Many more I could talk about OGs all day,

What do you sets you apart from other female artist in the game? It’s a lot of people on the same grind as you. What makes Vona B different?

I came from a very humble background and it keeps me grounded. My gifts are will set me apart. I don’t aspire to just be the next sex kitten though there will be some sex appeal or next wealthiest person. I aspire to inspire young black girls like myself who thinks it’s impossible. Sound cliche but, we live in a time where young black girls still don’t have a lot of representation and I choose to pick that weight up and carry it on my back because our youth need that. I still need that.

Being apart of the LGBTQ community, what challenges have you faced being who you are? Not a lot of artist come out as being bisexual, but you had the courage to do so. Has it hurt your career or made it better?

I’ve been blessed to not have a lot of adversity when it came to me being bisexual. I’m a Pastor’s Kid so, though my family disagree they still love and accept me which has made it easier for me to stand 10 toes down for our community. I’ve always been a fighter and the LGBTQ community is something I’m extremely passionate about. I don’t think it’s helped or hurt my career to this point and I’m grateful because I want people to see me for more than my sexuality. 

Is Vona B single or taken?

I’m happily taken.

I heard you new record “Pieces”. I’m feeling that record. What inspired you to write that song?

That record was an over pour of emotions. When I wrote that I was going through the grieving process of losing my big brother who passed away on NYE of 2019. When I found out I had a performance that night and couldn’t process my emotions properly. After about 4 days of sitting with it I wrote Pieces. R.I.P. RBC Bugzy. Unfortunately I’ve experienced a lot of death, starting at a very young and it’s had a very real effect on me and my outlook. I felt like it was important to put words to a feeling most of us have experienced but, through the pain can’t express.

When you’re not doing shows or in the studio, how do you pass the time? What is your outlet when you’re not working hard on your craft? Any other hidden talents?

Well it’s no secret that I dance but, I’m not a singer who can dance. A lot of people don’t know that I happen to be a trained dancer. I started dancing when I was 8. I was in competitive started at my home studio Bliss Urban Arts Center, then danced for Chapkis Dance Studio. I went on to dance for more teams and organizations but, when I started taking my music career seriously I stopped dancing competitively.

The world is in a crazy state right now. What is your take on the pandemic?Are you registered to vote? How has the lock down effected you & your music?

I do believe the media is playing a huge part in the fear surrounding this pandemic but, I’m also taking it very seriously. I’m a proud registered voter. Of course the lockdown has effected the music as far as gatherings but, the creativity doesn’t stop. I’ve been working on a lot of online content so, that my fans can stay connected and engaged. We’re are still connected and we have to remember that through these trying times.

You recently cut your hair off. I love the new look. It looks good on you. What made you do it? Do you feel free?

Thank you! I needed a fresh start. In my belief hair holds power. I went through a traumatic few years and I overcame a lot and I wanted my hair to match. I feel extremely free and I’ll probably be short for a while.

I know you’re probably doing a lot of features for other artist. Who was your favorite artist to work with so far & would you like to work with in the future?

I’m actually only looking forward to working with artists at the moment. I’m keeping my head down pushing out a project but, I am looking forward to working with girlnxdoor.

Vona B thank you for taking the time out to speak with us today. Let everyone know where they can get your music, watch your videos & where they can follow you.

My pleasure, these were some great questions and I always appreciate the love and hard work put in behind the scenes to make these types of things happen! You can follow me everywhere @ vonabmusic! My music is on all your favorite streaming platforms and sites including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube. Search Vona B. And you’ll find ya girl! Make sure to Stream my new single Pieces and stay home! -- Vona B. ENT

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