Virginia’s own Entertainer The Real Gemini Interviews with T. Lavender

Gemini! What’s up fam? I haven’t seen you since I went to New York a few years back at one of the City of Doms events! How have you been & what have you been up to?

Mane I’ve been doing amazing, just networking hopefully yall will see me back on TV, got something cooking lol

We gotta start from the beginning. Where are you from & how did you start dancing?

Well I’m from Hampton, Virginia and I started dancing probably about 9 years ago, how I started I was messing with this shorty that had a club, she use to bring dancers there all the time, and one day she just insisted that I dance and It would be great for me and well that’s literally the only thing she never lied about because she was right lol

Now, is it true that you have a twin? So, it’s two of you rolling around having these women going crazy for yal?

Ummmmm I mean we are two years apart but I guess you can say that lol that’s twin (my heart)

What did Gemini do before the entertainment business?

Before I started dancing I never quit my job, I still maintain to be there, luckily I had supervisors and apprentice instructors to help me out along the way. But I still work for the government ( shipyard) I’ve been working at the shipyard since 2008, graduated from the apprentice in 2013 and I’m still there lol

How do you juggle being a regular person & being “Gemini”? I know sometimes that can be a struggle within ourselves & for the fans to understand that you’re not always dancing 24/7.

Man that’s a good question, I mean the mask helped this year for sure lol but nah I mean it’s only hard sometimes when I’m at work, other than that it’s really a walk in the park because I know how to separate the two...When I’m on the stage I’m “GEMINI” when I’m off the stage I’m just plain on Tamara lol

Now, when you’re not entertaining the ladies, what do you do on your spare time? What do you do for fun? I know it’s a pandemic, but people are really starting to be OUTSIDE! Lol

Even through then pandemic I was still outside lol but I love nature, I take nature walks, I go to the gym, I love a nice food spot because I’m a foodie lol , and Im with my dog 100% of the time so that falls into my category of fun lol

I know you travel all around the world. What is your favorite place to travel? Your fanbase is worldwide, so what city shows you the most love when you pop out?

I would love to say all of them but my favorites in this order are defiantly

NEW YORK and ATLANTA for sure lol

I saw you on an episode of the Chi! Shout out to Lena Waithe. She is putting our people on the map! You gotta tell us how did that come about? I heard your sister’s song playing while you were in your scene. That’s dope.

That was definitely a life changing moment for me and I can’t thank her enough honestly! How it came about, well she reached out to me on IG and told me I was a perfect fit for a role and well...not even 24hrs later her team hit me up and it just went from there! So definitely S/O to Leana Waithe !

What is something that you want people to know about you that they don’t already know? It’s a lot of perceptions of entertainers in the industry. People sometimes just go by what they see on their social media. Which is crazy to me. I’m always like “you don’t know them forreal” lol.

that’s a funny question to me because I think I always get profiled because of the way I look lol girls be thinking I got woman running out the house, a different girl every night, parties and Im literally the total opposite lol very very laid back.

There are a lot of LGBTQ entertainers in the game. Do you have people feeling like you’re their competition or do you get more love from them? You’re highly respected in the game, but it’s still the business.

I’m going to keep this one short

“You can’t compete where you don’t compare”

The ladies want to know. Is Gemini available? Are you big single this summer or are you taken?

The question of the year lol well I am single but I do got my on eye on something, I’m testing waters right now lol

I know VA has some good food, but out of all the places you’ve toured, who has the best food?

Man I would have to say Puerto Rico, food is amazing!

What is next for you Gemini?

I actually got something cooking as I stated early, can’t really speak on it just yet but it’s definitely in motion so be looking on TV for me lol

Thank you so much for sitting down with us today. Let everybody know where they can find you. Drop your social media, so those who haven’t yet can become a fan now.

It was my pleasure being able to be apart! YALL can find me in any state near you lol but to keep up with all of that imma drop my IG real quick


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