Unleashing Your Unicorn Power

Norman J. Liverpool IV, an Entrepreneur and Speaker, is a dedicated professional with a passion for spreading awareness for the LGBTQ+ Community and the issues that this community faces. He is also the creator of a signature mentor-ship and coaching program designed for the LGBTQ+ Community, Over the Top Living

You were designed to be different. But why embrace what is unique about you when it could be easier to blend in?

I asked myself this numerous times before making the decision to find my voice, choose my impact and share my story. As I began to share more about my story, I started to realize I was a unicorn in a sea of other unicorns. We all have that thing, that situation, that characteristic, that STORY that makes you, you. Why is it scary to embrace who we truly are?

At first, I was ashamed. Over the years I have learned that much of the shame was learned. I learned from the people around me who made it clear that I was either "too Black" or "too Feminine". I was labeled as gay before I could even define it for myself. So to me, my unicorn power, the thing that made me different was something to hide; certainly nothing to be celebrated or unleashed. It was not until I learned to un-learn all the crap that I was taught about myself that I was able to see the beauty in my Unicorn Power.

I know it may seem childish to compare our power to that of a unicorn, but to me, it is the most accurate example. Every time you share your story, your confidence muscle is activated and you unleash a little bit more of your Unicorn Power. Often times, this gift of you, this thing that makes you innately you, will not make sense to other people. That's totally okay because it is not always supposed to.

Your Unicorn Power is made up of your experiences, lessons learned, unlearned behaviors, creating healthy boundaries with your past, and ultimately propels you into your purpose. This allows you to live your life unapologetic and unashamed. Don't let your fear, shame, self doubt or anything else keep your muted. When you stay quiet, your confidence muscle loses its strength, but by sharing your story, you walk in your purpose, live Over the Top and unleash your Unicorn Power.

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