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To Lift Weights Up and Put Them Down Again, Will New York Ever Reopen Gyms?

The question all gym heads have been asking, when and will gym facilities reopen? New York gym has been closed since mid-march due to this Covid 19 global pandemic. New York as we all know was one of the strongest hit states in the United States. Our governor Andrew Cuomo mentioned gyms would reopen in phase four but at the last minute Cuomo took gyms out of the mix and they remain closed till he feels they are safe to open.

Although safety is everyone main concern, during the Covid 19 outbreaks not having gyms open have been very challenging for many people who work out as a lifestyle. Many people have invested in home equipment. With gyms closed people are turning backyards, basements, living rooms, garage and parks into personal work out areas. People have been investing in bicycle as a way to get there cardio in. personal trainers that made their living working in the gyms have gone as far as setting up training sessions outdoors, home visits and virtual. With a few new rules such as wearing a mask and 6ft apart it’s a great way for the personal trainers to gain some income and for individuals to get back moving and feeling good.

Many New Yorkers are doing whatever they can do to get a workout in. but when asked how it’s been with gyms closed common responses are its okay but not close to the same as working out in a gym. “We miss the gym!” Some New Yorkers are fortunate to have access to private gyms and the money and space to buy and store quality gym equipment. But still for them and the majority of New Yorkers it’s been very challenging. Gym equipment prices from resistant bands to the heavy machinery have increased as soon as gyms closed and have been selling out quickly.

“The New Gym Look”

What can we expect gyms to look like when and if they reopen? Gyms may have fewer machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical etc. to create more space for social distancing. As for as the gyms that hold different classes; Will they still have classes? Will there be limited people allowed in the class? Will the gym only hold a certain amount of people in the entire gym itself?

According to a lohud.com Soul Cycle Studio have plans to eliminate some of its perks such as complimentary gum, razors, Q-tips and phone charging stations to limit hand to hand contact. Gyms that give supply towels may no longer to that. Locker rooms maybe closed all together. Will gym snack bars and smoothie stations close? With the new rules and protocol New York will put into effect in order for gyms to reopen safety be prepared for a new look and different feel when entering a post Covid 19 reopen of your favorite gym. According to Power Health and Performance, gym-goers will have to fill out a health questionnaire along with a travel questionnaire. This will most likely be followed by all gyms that reopen as well.

Calling all Lysol sprays cleaning habits gyms may have specific times of the day where they close to clean floors, equipment and bathroom with proper nontoxic disinfectant. Following your states guidelines and recommendations from CDC as we seen in gyms that have already opened gym-goers are required to wear a mask when at the gym which sounds like it sucks! Gyms have invested in high tech HVAC systems to properly circulate the flow of droplets in the air.

With all the changes we already had to make in our everyday life due to this pandemic the gyms will have to be another adjustment we will have to adapt too while getting back to the great gym equipment we love. We can only hope and pray these adjustments are not a forever thing and everyday life along with gym life can get back to what we know as normal.

Helpful Tips New Yorker Gym-Goers Can Do To Keep Healthy While Waiting For Gyms To Reopen:

  • Outdoor walks/jogs around your local track.

  • Bike riding around your neighborhood.

  • Follow workout videos online.

  • Challenge yourself with push-ups, sit ups etc. each day.

  • Join an outdoor small group/boot camp (6ft apart of course!).

  • Invest in small workout equipment to workout at home.

  • Try better eating habits.

  • Try a nature trail.

  • Turn on your favorite song on your playlist and just move.

Saralyn Freita

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