The Beauty and Strength in PRIDE

Updated: Sep 1

I would like each letter to represent the gay pride colors. The word Pride should be in purple. The P in blue, the R in green, the I in yellow, D in orange, and the E in red.


People-We are human beings who make mistakes, but are extremely unique in our own way.

Recognizing-Something we have not fully done. We need to formally acknowledge the strength, power and beauty that is us.

Individual-We are single, separate from what others try to make us. We are again unique and amazing. So we are envied because they want to be us.

Differences-We are not the same which makes us special kind of like a snowflake. No two snowflakes are alike, but yet and still in our differences we all walk the same path.

Equally-We are all the same or of the same manner, to the same extent. Which means we should all treat each that way, be equal not evil.

The moral of the story is, be prideful and positive and be proud of who you are completely.

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