T.Lavender Talks W/ TikTok Influencers Wiz & Ymani

Updated: Mar 2

T. Lavender interviews Tik Tok Sensation couple Wiz & Ymani

T.Lavender: Yo! What’s good with yall? I been seeing you guys on Tik Tok going crazy! But you know I have to start from the beginning. First off, welcome & thank you for sitting down with us today. Let’s get to it!

T.Lavender: Who is Wiz & Ymani?

Together: A couple of ambitious entrepreneurs that aspire to be very wealthy & famous one day.

T.Lavender: Where are you both from? Rep yo’ city!

Wiz: I’m from Oakland, Ca you know the town where it all goes down

Ymani: And I was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca

T.Lavender: How did you guys meet each other? Love at first sight or did it take some time to develop?

Ymani: Well, we met on Instagram she says I was stalking her but I wasn’t lol

Wiz: It was like at first sight, I don’t fall in love fast but she was fasho fine so I had to keep it player.

T.Lavender: Instagram has been poppin’ but what made you want to make a Tik Tok? Like it’s so trendy right now & everybody & their mama is on there! Lol we’re you skeptical about letting the world see different sides of you?

Wiz: First off, I didn’t care too much to do tik tok lol but

Ymani: wanted something for us to do during the second wave of quarantine so I said “hey, let’s do it”

Ymani: For me, I was kind of nervous about being on tik tok because I can be an introvert and a lot of people don’t know how goofy and talkative I actually am.

T.Lavender: I know you both have business ventures. Ymani those nails are fire girl. Wiz you’re a very popular hairstylist & barber with the fresh line up I see you. Tell us about your business ventures & what made you interested in your profession?

Ymani: Thank you, I appreciate it. I actually just grew up watching my mom get her nails done in shops, that’s how I learned what to do and eventually started doing my own nails when I was around 11 years old.

Wiz: Appreciate it bro, I been doing my own lineups and dreads since I started them 7 years ago , so after enrolling in barber school I decided hey I might as well do it all to get paid more for my time. It worked out perfectly! I enjoy bringing people back, it’s a great feeling.

T.Lavender: Ok I know you both are very busy, how do you balance your professional life & love life?

Wiz: Very well actually , all my free time goes to her that’s why she’s spoiled now lol

Ymani: Lol that is very true and since we’ve been in this quarantine we have nothing but free time so I indulge in the time I get with her.

T.Lavender: The world has been changing right before our eyes. How has the pandemic been for you two? I know it’s hard not seeing family when you want to or being able to do something as simple as eat at a restaurant. How have you really been? Self care is so important, especially these days.

Ymani: The pandemic has been bitter sweet for us. We have used this time to learn each other and bond but at the same time it would be nice to live normal again.

Wiz: I mean it’s hard to find stuff to do in the house because we have done everything lol , but my business is growing and I’m able to focus on more important things without any outside distractions.

T.Lavender: What do you both do on your spare time? What do you do for fun these days?

Together: We love to Eat!!!

Wiz: I feel like my favorite thing to do outside of work is find great food places for us to try, I’m a foodie at heart.

T.Lavender: It’s the holidays. Has both of your families connected yet? And if so, how is that going?

Ymani: Kinda sorta, with the pandemic and the fact that everyone is spread out we haven’t had the chance for them to all be in the same place for any occasion. We’re just trying to keep from catching anything. When this is all over we will plan something to where everyone can meet. For now they have met via FaceTime lol.

T.Lavender: Wiz, I see you’re a dancer. How long have you been dancing & will we see you in any up & coming music videos?

Wiz: I’m not a pro but I been dancing since I was a kid. I’m in a few videos but the most recent ones you can catch me in YSD’s “ Let Em Hate” ft. Slim 400 & Kiid’s “Outside” videos on YouTube go stream that !

T.Lavender: Ymani, I see you’re a model as well. How did that start off for you?

Ymani: Unfortunately, no, I am not a model ... yet lol I would like to be eventually. I really just take all my pictures on my own.

T.Lavender: 2020 was a headache. What are your new year’s resolution’s for 2021?

Wiz: Get fit, drink less, & have a plenty money saved on the bank.

Ymani: In 2020 I would also like to get fit and have my business and or career with different social media’s take off.

T.Lavender What’s next for you two together & individually?

Together: Most definitely YouTube is next & moving from where we are now. Super excited about both of them!

T.Lavender: Thanks again for stopping by! Please let the people know where they can find you. Drop your social media’s!

Personal Instagram: @Wizzytharuler @Ymanimicheall

Tiktok: @Theeloves

Business Instagram: @Bringmebackspecialist @Nailsbylovee

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