T. Lavender interviews Speshel K from Zeus Networks hit show “One Mo’ Chance”

T. Lavender: Hey Speshel K! Thank you so much for sitting down & speaking with us today. How are you doing?

Speshel K: Hello, Hi how are you thanks for having me.

I am fine and I would say blessed.

T. Lavender: Our readers want to know who is Speshel K? Where are you from, what were you doing before the show started & has your family & friends been supportive of you throughout the show?

Speshel K: Speshel K is a mother and a entrepreneur and a true hustler. I am from LA. Before the show I was an exotic dancer who was investing my money into my business where I became a makeup artist and lash tech, then I furthered my career into a PMU. My family supported me to the fullest, especially my son and the woman I was dealing with at the time. Then it took a turn during the confessionals and the reunion.

T. Lavender: Now, I’ve been watching the show & it’s crazy! People throwing plates & throwing punches at each other. How were you able to deal with that & still keep your composure? How did you become apart of the show & how has being on “One Mo’ Chance” changed your everyday life?

Speshel K: Yes that’s true it was crazy to be honest. Uhm at times it was hard to keep my

composure cause I wanted to spazz but I had to remember to stay calm be true to my self and not every reaction needed a reaction. Sometimes it was necessary to do so. So please don't let the necessary occur ! I became apart of the show after I was sent an Instagram post from some one I knew for a long time. It was about an open casting call for a reality show, she asked if I can come with her and audition. So I wasn’t too sure about it then the next day I hit her up and went. Later on I got a call I was casted, then it went from there. My life changed a lot after. Often when I go out , everyone notices me, my business started picking up and selling out. Then I started getting casted for other shows. My life just got more busy as well as a lot of pressure has occurred more then before.

T. Lavender: Are you still in contact with any of the girls from the show? And what was the craziest situation you had to deal with while being there?

Speshel K: YES! I still stay in contact with some of the girls, a few to be honest. The craziest situation I had to deal with was being on a show that was on national tv with gays involved knowing I’m not attracted to men, I would say it was a challenge. Also, getting ready for surgery not knowing if I would make it through and filming at the same time.

T. Lavender: Are you doing any modeling or is there any acting in your future?

Speshel K: 5. I don’t think I’m interested in any modeling opportunities. I would love to do music videos instead I love music and always wanted to be in them. As far as acting, I do want to act I more so want to continue with reality tv. I’m currently filming for a new show right now that will be on Roku tv.

T. Lavender: What does Speshel K do on her spare time? What are your favorite things to do?

Speshel K: What Speshel K does on her spare time is hang with my friends, do makeup and internet act with my fans and read. My favorite things to do is eat ice 🧊 lol I’m an ice eater and create dope content on social media, and learn about the 📈 stock market.

T. Lavender: Now, you know we have to ask you about your love life. The readers want to know are you single, dating or taken? The men & women of the world have been inquiring about that. Let them know what’s up.

Speshel K: 7. Lol Speshel K is single. I was in a relationship but we broke up. It’s pretty hard being in the limelight, and keeping a relationship. They don’t understand. So I’m currently working on improving myself and focusing on the back and my business and my peace at the moment.

T. Lavender: How did you feel competing with a trans woman on the show for Chance? I see that ALL of the girls in the house pretty much have had issues with her since day one.

Speshel K: Oh lord! I felt pretty ok competing with a trans woman. The house and to be honest I don’t think she’s trans MAGINA IS JUST MAGINA. I didn’t really think too much of it since I am 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ myself. For the most part it was cool. We just didn’t get along.

Besides I don’t see anyone but me so who was I going to lose to.

T. Lavender: The music industry is dropping so much music these days. What is Speshel K listening to when she’s driving around in her Porsche these days?

Speshel K: I love music when I’m driving around I like to listen to lil durk, kash doll, lil baby, mullato. PPCOCAINE, at times I listen to rock like Imagine dragon etc depends on my mood. If I’m meditating I’ll turn on some chill peaceful music I’m weird I know lol.

T. Lavender: You’re a mom. Congrats! That is a big job within itself. We want to salute you for being such a great mother. How has it been juggling your new lifestyle & being a mom?

Speshel K: It’s hard to be honest . But my son Ka’Bren and I are very close. he’s understanding and hes also with his dad a lot so it works out perfect. I spend time with him when I can we FaceTime almost all day.

T. Lavender: When you’re out partying with your girls, what are the hot spots you go to to turn up?

Speshel K: That’s a good question when I’m out partying with my girls if I’m not traveling I tend to hit West Hollywood a lot like the ABBY , Thirst before it was shut down a few DJ PNASTY or DJWESTB with the parties they bring out a crowd and it be litty.

T. Lavender: The world is a crazy place right now. We’ve lost Kobe Bryant, Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman, Rapper King Von, Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek, How have you been able to handle everything that’s going on in the world & the pandemic period during this time?

Speshel K: Man yes and RIP to those the year has been tough. It definitely shows that life isn’t playing fair and to keep the loved ones close. I deal with everything with meditation and prayer, and plan out my day go and execute the plan that I prepared for the day and thank god when I’m Finished and repeat! Never let a hard time humble us! I just try to be better then yesterday.

T. Lavender: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are our new President & Vice President! What are your thoughts on that? Did you vote?

Speshel K: True my thoughts on that I’m here for it all, I believe they will do what they can for the country, I mean Biden is focusing on a global response to the COVID pandemic including, coordination and vaccine production, distribution and supplies. He restored some power in TEXAS but 600,00 remain without. He held a call to governors to offer what ever federal help is needed he’s trying. Kamala Harris called the pandemic a perfect storm for women and I agree, this is the time we start to focus and build not only as a woman, but a role model and teach others about wealth health and business because the world is watching. No, I didn’t vote this year, I didn’t want to be disappointed if Biden didn’t win. The world was going too crazy .I turned to God with prayer on that one.

T. Lavender: What is next for you? Please let our readers know all of social media outlets so they can keep up with you & the show. Thanks so much for talking to us today! Take care & stay blessed.

Speshel K: What’s next is definitely more reality tv. I’m dropping a new business for women that are receiving surgery in 2021 and I’m making it easy for those women . All they have to do is book their surgery then purchase a box from me and they are 100% covered. I will be doing features, as well as touring around offering classes so everyone stay tuned.

My handles are www.Speshelk.com

Ig: @speshel_kk (personal)

Zamorag_invades (business)

Twitter: @fashionestaswag

BIGO: Speshelk

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