T. Lavender interviews entrepreneur Mr King Weezy!

First off, thank you for meeting with us today. We appreciate you so much. I’ve been waiting to talk to you fam. Let’s get into it!

Now, let the people know how you became named King Weezy & what city you represent.

I used to be called Wezzy Baby but after over 10yrs of being in the game and performing in almost every state on the map my fans started calling me King Wezzy. They felt I was no longer a baby to the entertainment scene but had grown to hold my own throne. I was born in Vegas raised in Cali so I say I’m the best of both words. I truly believe I carry two states when I grind.

Now, you do a lot of things in the business. You’re a tattoo artist, promoter, man I can go on & on. Tell us how you got started and what made you decide to choose your particular career path.

I never thought about being a tattoo artist I just used to design tattoos for artist and get paid for them & one day my best friend said to me “Basically I could make more money designing and tattooing the designs. So that was my starting point. I’ve been tattooing almost 20yrs as well as been in the entertainment business for just as long.

You’ve worked with a lot of people. Who is your favorite celebrity you’ve worked with & why?

Mally Mall has been the most inspiring celebrity I have worked with. I started off as just his music artist’s artist and quickly became his lil sister. He welcomed me in his home and introduced me to people that have opened so many doors in my life. He never judged me off my sexuality and always treated me with respect. I’ve tatted 3 of his tattoos & tatted a lot on his team. He opened his studio to me free of charge and soon I will be dropping “FlatLine” in which the beat was produced by KT & Kyle both from mallys camp.

Now that tattoo game is crazy! Everybody is doing it now. I see you’re traveling with new artist Prince Taee. How did that come about? What sets you apart from other tattoo artist?

The tattoo game changed my life and Is about to do it again. Thanks to JT & Gab I was connected with Prince Taee for a face tattoo that lead into me and him hitting the studio and putting down a single called “Kream” beat produced by 808 Boomin. What I feel sets me apart from most tattoo artists is that I use my tattoos to not just make money but to rescue souls. What I mean by that is so many of my clients come in angry, sad, depressed, suicidal, confused and I help them create better memories. I get them over death and attempting death. I talk them threw thoughts of brake ups or just giving up. My time with my clients mean the most to me because I know I might be that last hope before they walk back out into the world. I’ve covered scares so people can finally get married and not feel ugly I’ve even tatted names on ring fingers during a wedding. Tattoos are my passion it’s nvr been about the check.

What is the King doing these days outside of working hard? What are your hobbies? Likes & dislikes.

On my off time I love to eat and talk mess lol literally. I’m very humorous and love just traveling and trying new things.

The summer is upon us. We need events. How did you get started with VEGAS PRIDE? Will you be throwing any big events in Vegas?

Vegas Urban Pride was a 20 year long idea that finally came to life when I landed back in Vegas and seen a need for black culture cause there wasn’t any visually. I felt the black gay and straight community needed a bigger platform to show case our urban entertainment without being watered down. I created a 3 day 6 event festival that would bring jobs back to our community as well as resources and aids testing through AHF. I also added a gun violence awareness community event called “Drop The guns and pick up a ball” it inspired them to get back into sports as well as me giving away free bikes beds and clothes to all the kids that attended. My festival is due to return to Vegas this year email Mrkingwezzy4891@icloud.com to get on my mailing list.

The females are curious to know. Can they slide in your dm’s or nah? What’s the word.

I am single & poly just for the record. So I’m very open to meet new faces and see what life has to offer when it comes to love in my world.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start business venture like yourself? What are the do’s & don’t’s of the game?

The only true advice I can give anybody trying to get in the game is BE CONTENT ON WHAT YOU WANT no matter what! Because in this game people with try to talk you outta something that has never been done and you have to know without a shadow of doubt what you imagined is possible and if you go for it you can make it happen. The main thing I feel a new person should really protect is their ideas. Try not to tell so many people what you want to do because there is always dream snatchers out there waiting to copy you, try and be you just cause they have the resources to do it before you. Protect your vision at al times.

There is a lot of jealousy in the industry. How do you deal with people being fake? It’s a lot of that going around. It’s crazy.

I used to get mad when people would show fake love or give fake help because so many people in the beginning really acted like they gave a damn about what I was trying to created with pride but as time went on I found out it was all lies. I don’t get mad I just separate myself from the nonbelievers and surround myself with the believers and motivators. Nvr waste energy on anything that isn’t elevating your life!

A lot of chefs read our magazine. What is King Weezy’s favorite food? Do you cook or do you have a chef? I don’t cook, so I have a chef. (Laughs) Hey, don’t judge me.

My favorite food is seafood but my favorite meal prepared at home is chicken wings with corn, green beans, rice with butter and sugar topped with lemonade and a cup ice :) I have 3 go to celebrity chefs that I call on Chef DB, Chef Jones & even tho MrGrandjeremy isn’t a chef he’s always called up to bake my sweets.

Biggest fear in life. We all have at least one. What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear in life is that I don’t for fill all the promises I made to my momma before I die. I promised her a better life and a house and I plan to do both before my heart stops beating.

What is something that you want to accomplish in the LGBTQ community that I you haven’t yet?

They say never speak on what you wanna do before you do it but ima state it so I can look back and say I turned my future visions into reality. I want to create a block like bourbon street or like in San Francisco here in Vegas right next to the strip or on it. That has only gay establishments. I want a block that we can walk on and be gay and free not just during Pride but all year long. I want to open a club called WezzyVille were all gays are welcomed without judgment. As you can see I’m far from finished you can say I’m just getting started.

One more question, who can you say influenced you to become the person you are today?

My mentor was Jewel Thais-Williams owner of the catchOne the very first lesbian club in LA. I used to dance there then became a host and later on starting working on her board. When I moved to Vegas one person has really inspired me Trina Sherice Jiles. She has been through the same things as me with loosing her mom on top of running a business and still being a active activist in her community. She sponsored VUP in 2018 when everyone said I was crazy and couldn’t pull it off. She believed in me and my dreams. She showed me that it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s even ok to cry but you better wipe them tears when you done and get back to the mission. She has encouraged me to become a better me and not allow anyone to stop me from rising to the top and for that she will forever hold a place in my heart.

You can reach me at Fb Johanna P Perez Ig Mrkingwezzy ig @Officialvegasurbanpride Snapp Strapp2Bomb email at mrkingwezzy4891@icloud.com

Stay tuned for my bday party, pride festival & pride awards happening all in the same weekend.

Thank you so much for coming by! Please let everybody know your social media handles, your next event info, all of that. See you next time.

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