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T.Lavender Interview with Actress & Professional Dancer @loven_shaybii

T.Lavender: Hey Shay, Thank you for tapping in with us. I’ve been seeing you doing your thing & making moves out here. Congrats on everything! Let’s get into it!

T.Lavender: We see you doing a lot of big videos & a lot of modeling, but behind the cameras, Who is Shay? Like, how are you off screen.

Shay: I believe that I am the true definition of resilience, a forefront for mothers everywhere my kids are my truth I am hard working dedicated and above all I am a leader for young women everywhere a prime example of hard work paying off I pride my self in my trials and tribulations but I bask in Triumph and victory and I hope one day there’s a girl out there using her story to change the world.

T.Lavender: Tell us where you are from & how you got started & what made you want to get started in the industry.

Shay: I am from Oakland ca seminary to be exact... I was living in Las Vegas NV in 2011 I was working a regular 9-5 when my oldest daughter suddenly became very ill and ended up in icu for two and a half weeks when a nurse and Dr. approached me to explain to me that they were going to have to discharge my daughter from the hospital because my medical insurance was not covering her. I was so stressed out and didn’t know what to do I called a good friend just to be an ear. Later that night I returned home my friend came by and told me to dry my face and hold my head up and get this money, once I seen how much money I made that night it was an easy fast way for me to get money

T.Lavender: Is it hard to work with big entertainers on screen or do you prefer indie artist & independent films/tv instead?

Shay: No it’s not hard I really enjoy working with everybody in the industry from big entertainers and artists and upcoming entertainers and artist.. I appreciate working and learning from both.

T.Lavender: Now, I’ve seen all those colorful & pretty outfits you wear. Who picks your wardrobe for you & how would you describe your style?

Shay: I actually pick out every outfit I wear I get them custom made ... But I have been thinking about seeking a stylist. I would describe my style crowd pleasing,sexy, sleek and exclusive.

T.Lavender: I watched the series you’re on called “Stroll”. How did you get the role & tell me about your character.

Shay: Omg...Lol ....The stroll is my first on screen roll , I was nervous, but at the same time I am so grateful to get the opportunity to play Dior which is one of the main characters. Dior is an exotic dancer that need another way to get money and she allowed her friend to convince her into prostitution. Dior is a charismatic, ambitious, anxious and Devious individual

T.Lavender: When did you know that you were apart of the LGBTQ community? I understand you like dating men & women. Being openly bisexual in the industry is a big thing. It’s great that you’re comfortable with your sexuality. Do people bother you about it or do you receive more support than backlash?

Shay: At the age of 12/13 I realized I was into girls and didn't know that there was a LGBTQ Community until I became a freshmen in high school when I start dating my first girlfriend. People don’t bother me about being bisexual get a lot of support from family and friends but you know I was in a terrible physical, emotional and verbal abusive relationship that I received backlash everyday . Since I’ve left and broke away from that I’ve never experienced it since.

T.Lavender: It’s 2020. We’ve been in quarantine for the past few months, how is your social life & dating life during this time? Has is slowed down or speed up? I see a lot of people doing Zoom dates. Are you up for that?

Shay: Since quarantine I really haven’t had a social life I pretty much come outside to take care of business because there’s not much open to have a social life. There hasn’t really been a dating life for me in awhile I’ve been really focused on my career and my goals. Don’t get me wrong I have been approached numerous times about dating but I pretty much feel like I wouldn’t have time to put in a relationship right now. So I couldn’t say it’s slowed down or sped up. I haven’t even heard of a zoom dating, I have to look into that cause I’m up for trying new things.

T.Lavender: So, are you taken or single or talking to somebody?

Shay: I Sometimes hate to say but yes I’m very single and I’ve been single for four years now. Don’t get me wrong I do talk to people socialize far as text message phone calls and DM messages but never nothing too serious.

T.Lavender: What has been a good experience filming on set & what was the worst experience? Some people see pictures & videos on social media & think glitz & glamour, but the industry is more than just that.

Shay: I honestly haven’t had any major bad experience just maybe a disappointment I was booked for a video shoot to work with two big artist on a particular song , I get I get to the studio and plans changed after being there over and hour without starting and I wasn’t notified one of the artist wasn’t showing up, due to his manger having an issue, the other artist decided to shoot a Video of his own since everything was already booked. Other than that my experiences have been great and worth every moment. Man, I use to think the industry was all just glitz and glam, being behind he scenes And experiencing firsthand everybody is back there giving their all from day one when I say blood sweat and tears I’ve seen it all blood sweat and tears.

T.Lavender: Music is a big thing right now. Everybody has more time to sit down & actually listen to new music. What musical artists are you playing right now?

Shay: As of right now just some of my favorite artists Toosii, NoCap, Summer Walker, and Inyah Lamis

T.Lavender: Now, I have to ask this. Are you voting for the election come November? And how important is voting to you? Every vote counts & I want to know if people are actually going down to the polls.

Shay: Well me personally I’m not into politics at all, yes I love to go vote to pay respects to my ancestors .that fought for us to have rights to vote and I absolutely agree with you every vote counts so I will be voting in September because it’s time for out people to be heard and treated equally.

T.Lavender: What is next up for you?

Shay: Next I am hoping to get the opportunity to audition for Lipstick, I have my fingers crossed on that and I actually was contacted by someone that is putting out an LGBTQ movie as well so I’m excited about it ... so I have a lot on my plate working everywhere and I love it.

T.Lavender: Well our time is up and it was a pleasure getting to know a little bit about you today. Thank you so much. Let everybody know where they can find you. See you soon! Take care.

Shay: No Thank you I appreciate you giving me this opportunity, and I can be reached and found on ig: @loven_shaybabii Fb: Shay Brown Snapchat: shaysagbabii and don’t forget to tune in to “the Stroll” on YouTube and check for updates on ig: the_stroll_series

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