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T.Lavender Chops It Up With Rowdyy

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

T.Lavender: Now, you’re from Richmond, California. For those of you who are familiar with Richmond, VA this is not the same place. What part of The Rich are you from?

Rowdyy: South Side Richmond Townhouse Projects known as the T’s

T.Lavender: Where did you get the name Rowdyyy from? And who nicknamed you Rowdyyy?

Rowdyy: A girl name Jazz from Oakland CA. We use to hustle in the L’s (San Francisco) and I was younger than them and I was bad so one day she just called me Rowdyyy and it stuck.

T.Lavender: When did you get started in the rap game?

Rowdyy: I’ve wrote raps all my life I started taking it serious in 2016 after my release from incarceration.

T.Lavender: Are you interested in getting into any other ventures outside of doing music? I see you had some Rowdyyy shirts made for your fans. 

Rowdyy: Yes of course fashion is something I enjoy I love to dress and look nice so I definitely see myself venturing off into the fashion world.

T.Lavender: Who is a musician artist you would want to work with?

Rowdyy: Dj Khalid he is a versatile artist and has worked with so many other great artists that you know you are for sure to come up with a great song the world will enjoy.

T.Lavender: I know being in the studio can be wild at times. Do you have any crazy studio stories?

Rowdyy: Yea I went and tried a guy no name dropping but his engineering skills were completely trash well and you know the rest.

T.Lavender: What does Rowdyyy bring to the game that no other artist brings?

Rowdyy: A kind gangsta I’m kind I will give the shirt off my back and will never let rap make my head big and I forget what it took to get where I’m headed but I will (excuse my French) fuck someone up easy I have a anger problem but I’m working heavy on it just stay in yo lane (light chuckle). 

T.Lavender: A lot of artist are on social media trolling each other & beefing all of the time. Do you think street beef should stay in the streets or in the music or both?

Rowdyy: Once it merges from the music to the streets it’s a whole different ball game. Aye I'm going to say this if you rap about it be about it period. 

T.Lavender: What are your favorite hobbies?

Rowdyy: Spending time wit my daughter. 

T.Lavender: Is Rowdyyy off the market?

Rowdyy: Are those DM’s poppin’ or are you leaving the ladies on read? Aye may the best bossiest sexiest bitch WIN CUZ I AM THE CATCH BABY.

T.Lavender: What’s the best food spot to go to in Richmond, Ca?

Rowdyy: If you not scared to go to the rich it ain’t really a certain spot for me I like buying plates from people but I love the burrito truck by Richmond Bart station go get one you won’t look back. 

T.Lavender: I saw your new video for Fu*k Boy. Man it’s dope. What’s the directors name? What’s up next for you musically?

Rowdyy: My guy Mike Mike Films shoots all my videos mostly that’s my brother fr but as you ask what’s next I got a video shoot today so let me get my ass up and to it.

T.Lavender: Man Rowdyyy it’s been real. Thanks for talking to us today. Drop your social media & any info you want your fans to know about.

Rowdyy: Aye thank y’all for the opportunity I appreciate you guys the most to tap in wit me my IG. @rowdyyy_da_1 FB.Yung Rowdyyy SC. Lovelynigga87 music is on all major platforms thank y’all for the time.

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