September "The Intangible" Reading

Oooooooo we are getting closer to the Fall and as I sat with Spirit I asked for a message to bring and as I sat the word “Intangible” came up and as I sat with that I was like “what is that supposed to mean lol?” So after I double checked the definition I heard “don’t prove” and then the message was crystal clear. Some of you all are out here trying to prove the intangible. Intangible meaning you are trying to prove love to someone, you are trying to prove your value or that you are a good person instead of just standing still and being exactly who you are and allowing people to see that and giving them the space to stand in the light of your greatness where you both can enjoy each other’s greatness. Stop trying to prove anything to anyone outside of yourself. There will never be a time where trying to prove yourself will be in season.

This Full Moon I pulled cards for a general message thanking Spirit for all things we have and don’t have for all lessons we learned that made us better to step into the future.

The first card is The Three of Coins, with this card we need to keep our standards in place as we grow and step into our space with people who help to propel us to our purpose. We are moving into a time that will exceed our expectations, allowing us to meet our needs and wants. We need to make sure we don’t miss an opportunity by being only partially invested.

Daughter of Knives is the next card and means that things and messages, blessings, accomplishments and promotions are going to be coming in fast so be ready. Now remember, don’t be an ass just because you are being shown favor and blessings because that is not why you were given these blessings. Be a blessing not a bastard.

Miss Ida is our next card and this is telling you that even though stuff is moving fast you need to slow down and trust that you have made moves and now The Divine is making moves on your behalf to out match what you have done. Let go and allow things to come together, stop forcing it.

Bishop C. H. Mason showing up in this pull is telling you to be humble, you don’t know everything. Just because you have disagreements with people doesn’t mean you should discard the whole relationship. Stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Now does that mean deal with people who have disrespected you? Hell NO, but it does mean leaving people room to grow and mature to meet you at your level of understanding. Take some time this week and sit with The Divine and your Ancestors, they have messages if you are ready to hear them.

Three clarifying cards were Light Beings, Expansion and Soul Love. Spirit is trying to communicate with you, please be open to hearing it by way of your knowledge expansion and openness to being uncomfortable with learning new things that may be contrary to what you have always known. The journey of expansion you are about to embark upon is going to lead you to Soul Love and that does not have to be a person, it could be you falling in love with you.

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I am looking forward to talking to each and every one of you, Blessings for you till the next issue.

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