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September Reading: Walking into Fall Season with our Eyes Wide Shut

We are walking into Fall Season with our eyes wide shut!

September is upon us and this year has brought out the best and the worst of humanity. 

This month I asked The Divine, as I always do, along with my Spirits Guides and my Angels for guidance to speak what needs to be heard to help you live a life that will be better for the message you receive. 

Of course I lead off with The Adinkra Oracle Deck this month.

UAC Nkanea speaks to being able to have stillness in your life amidst the social change you see around you.  There is a such thing as over awareness.  Take some time and unplug from it all.  Being immersed in our technology means we are further away from The Divine.  Take back your peace!

Mpatapo speaks to affording yourself and those around you compassion, understanding and if warranted forgiveness.  Let go of the blame and step into your new reality.  For some of you this will mean you need to forgive yourself vs forgiveness for someone else.  Some of us speak to ourselves in ways we would never speak to another person.  Afford yourself the same kindness you would give to others so freely. 

Menso Wo Kenten this card has come up several times in different readings this year.  STOP taking responsibility for something that you have no part in to make those around you feel better for the things they either have done or have refused to do.  You are not at fault for every little thing.  The people you are interacting with have their own issues and they are not confronting them but they force you to confront your shortcomings and this makes you stronger while they continue to wallow in their stagnation.  Don’t make yourself the scape goat for their problems and don’t allow them to do it to you either. 

The next deck is The Hoodoo Tarot and we lead off with a change.

The first card is The Big House also known as The Tower.  We know that this year is continuing to bring about change and that for many people will continue to exacerbate the fear we have been seeing escalate over the past six years.  Yes, I did say six if you look back all of this has been coming to the surface for some time. 

The next card is Father Simms and he speaks to Temperance and patience.  Don’t be afraid to care of yourself and meet your needs.  Don’t be afraid to move peacefully with yourself.  Take the time to heal from all of the pain you see around you.  This is why it is important to unplug and meditate/pray.

The next card is The Mother of Sticks this card is sure and she reassures that it will all work itself out.  Her confidence and clear and no matter what is going on this will be all be okay.  Worrying is not going to fix it those are just unwanted prayers so stop before you end up with what you don’t want. 

The next card is The Courting Card now some of you are courting a person who brings balance to your life and it will only get better while some of you are getting to know yourself and you are bringing the balance back into your own life.  This card speaks to balanced endeavors and a good long clear road despite what may be happening around you the Ancestors are looking out for you.

The Okana Oracle Deck

Lust, Vexed and Harmony speak volumes.  You cannot seek out something from someone else to fulfill what you are missing in yourself.  You must pour into yourself what you expect to receive from others.  Jealousy and insecurity are relationship killers be it romantic or otherwise.  Allow people the room to grow and remove the expectation and ownership from the interaction and you will see them grow closure to you.  Once you find the balance of Harmony in yourself and then balance that with what you experience you will do well. 

The Goddess Deck calls forward Aine, The Holy Mother Mary and Brigit.  Do not be afraid to take that leap of faith!  Know that when you do it and you don’t back down from what you know has to happen you can expect your miracle.  It’s already yours just believe it as if it has already happened. 

The Moonology Deck calls for us to self-heal and take time to do nothing and actually enjoy it.

The Lily Card and The Snap Dragon call for us to show others grace and understanding and do it from a good place.  Do the right thing because it is right and expect nothing from it. 

The Alchemy Card and The Passion card reminds us that what we create and its success is directly tied to the amount of energy (passion) we are willing to put into it.  Don’t half ass anything and expect it to come out great you will get everything you put into it and more if you do it right.

The remaining cards remind us to focus on our new beginnings even if they do start off difficult and a little scary we are protected and things will end well with us learning more about ourselves and the world around us.  We are changing the world for the better and like all things that must change sometimes that change starts rough but once the dust settles you will see that while things are not going to be the same they will be exactly what you need them to be when you need it for your growth into a better version of you.

Blessings and Love

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