S1Dez is taking over the scene. Interview with @iloveallmyfans (T. Lavender)

Yo! S1 Dez what up! Thanks for sitting down with us today. You’ve been making moves I see. I’m glad we got connected. Let’s get it!

Now first off, let me know what your pronouns are so the people can know how to address you properly. Dez, you’re from San Francisco correct? Your city is booming right now with rappers like Showy Banga, Ronski & Lil Kayla doing their thing too. The music scene has been making some noise out there though. It’s the home of legends like Sann Quinn, RBL Posse just to name a few. What SF artists have you linked with?

S1DEZ: So far I haven’t worked with any major artist from the city but I do plan to in the near future. I would love to collab with Show Banga, and Larry June both are on on my top feature list . As for other female city artist I plan on tapping in with So Vicious and DOJAH From hunters point

How did you get into rapping? How old were you when you first started?

S1DEZ: I started rapping when I was 14. Me and my cousin had bought a lil studio and had just got the new Mac computer that came with garage band. From there it was just sessions in the garage having fun. But when I turned 18 I went to a real studio (shoutout jungle life studios ) and I recorded and dropped my first song called “loose cannons” . I started to get a following after that and I been goin hard ever since.

Tell me about your new single “Outside”. Soon as I saw the title, I knew it had to do with us all being able to go outside again since the pandemic started. And tell us about the #Imoutsidechallenge and how that came about.

S1DEZ: So my new single outside came about after a bad break up I just went thru . part of the process of getting back to having fun and turning up again I made the song to like let the people know I’m back outside (single and ready to turn up) Crazy part is it was actually 9 in the Morning when I recorded it and I already was drinking a bottle of casa amigo. So when I made the chorus I’m like man I gotta talk about this casa amigo bottle in some way lol . My sister is really the one who came up with idea of name dropping actual women . A lot of people don’t know every woman I name dropped in the song is actually a real person . So we went to the studio session and my sister was like “you know what do it dmx style like when he name dropped all the females” and when she said it I’m like you trying to get me killed lol . But then I thought about like man I’m outside I’m back on the market all the girls who did me wrong gone hear it and from there we just went with it. One the best studio sessions I ever had. The outside challenge came about because I wanted people to share their memories of being outside and turning up. Especially with the world opening back up a lot of people have been outside trying to get back to the night life . So I created the challenge to catch all the fun and entertaining things people do when they drunk . Plus I added a twist so that the winner actually gets two casamigo bottles and cash . So if you haven’t yet go tune in and drop yours for a chance to win!

Do you think being a stud in the game is harder or just more challenging to break into the industry?

S1DEZ: Being a stud is Definitely harder trying to make it in the rap game . I mean you get prejudged all the time . It’s already hard being a female artist but it makes it 10x harder being a lesbian stud artist . Alot of people are scared to openly support you even if they don’t say it . I personally have been in multiple situations where I’ve been disrespected or spoke down on because I am who I am . I try not to let the negative get to me because Ive been like this my whole life so I’m usually good when it comes to the negative comments . There are a lot of talented stud artist out there that probably won’t get the push they deserve just because of who they are . All I can honestly say is support who supports you . And to the stud artist who are popular in the industry pass the baton back down for us because we need a stronger community with each other .

What’s your collab dream? Who would you just love to work with?

S1DEZ: My dream Collabs for sure would be drake, a boogie with da hoodie , or Cole I would love to do a hook for J-Cole. I would love to work with omertà, mulatto , lil tjay , Rico nasty , lil durk.

The ladies want to know, are you single? Is there a Mrs. Dez 1 or not?

S1DEZ: Lol I am single but I’m not looking right now . Just be my dawg first , relationships come with a lot.

I grew up on Da Brat & Tupac & looked up to them. Who did you look up to as a kid? Who influenced you to become to person you are today?

S1DEZ: I honestly listened to a lot of different genres of music growing up from lauryn hill to Jill Scott , I listened to a lot of R&B from Miguel and loyd and jermih. when we talking about rap artist I always was into cole, drake and a boogie , Kendrick . I was born in 98 so the people I look up to are still more modern then what someone older then me might say.

Tell me what is one word that defines who you are? Who is S1 Dez & how did you get the name?

S1DEZ: If I had one word to describe me I’d say passionate . Not only with my music but with everything I do . I was told to never half ass anything . So when it comes to my work or anything I always put my all into it not cause I have to but because I truly have a passion to get things done. The name S1 DEZ basically means Stand first & Stay First . Just basically you gotta stand before you fall . So don’t be afraid to try and always put yourself first because the moment you stop doing that people take advantage of you.

Since you’re outside now, what are your top three places to travel to & why?

S1DEZ: My top 3 places to travel will have to be Atlanta , Houston , & New York . Atlanta is damn near my second home away from home . I love the hospitality and the food and it’s always something to do . Houston is a vibe . The people are nice and music wise the Dj’s always spin my songs !

A lot of artist have been going through a lot during this pandemic. I’ve seen people stop making music, delete their social media, etc. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you & your music? Did it make you want to go harder or did it have a hold on you?

S1DEZ: The only thing I can say the pandemic did was stop me from gettin shows in the bay . It actually made me travel more out of state to network because other states have been open . As for slowing the music process down , I don’t think it made a good or bad impact on my career . Can’t speak for everyone though.

We all know that being apart of the LGBTQ community is a challenge within itself. When did you feel comfortable enough to come out and be yourself and live your truth?

S1DEZ: So I’ll be 23 in December and I came out when I was 12 years old . So it’s been a little over a decade since I came out . For me I knew what sex I liked way before 12 . My family knew it too. I was never the type of girl to like knockers or wear dresses . I didn’t like dolls . I never really had a taste in anything girly. I was playing basketball, I like gettin my hands dirty , and I hated to get my hair done . Like absolutely hated it lol. So when I came out it wasn’t a big surprise To most of my family . I can say the most challenging thing I had to deal was my mother, only because I grew up in a Muslim household and being who I am is totally against the religion . It was hard for the most part but I bounced around a lot living back in fourth between my grand mother and my mom. My dad on the other hand was all for it lol . He actually would throw jokes around about it which made me feel comfortable with him . Like he would see a girl in target and ask me if her booty was big lol . Little things like that would make me laugh like ok I can be me and there’s nothing wrong with me . I learned to just keep being me and whoever loves me will love me and who isn’t suppose to be around won’t . Just Stay true to yourself and love you . The rest will fall in place .

Let the people know where they can find you! Thanks for linking up with us!

S1DEZ: The people can find me on all platforms just type in “S1 DEZ” on any platform. I am also available on Instagram (S1.DEZ) .

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