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Redefining Queer Fashion w/ Snapback Tiara

We sit down and chat with Cherie Chase, queer fashion designer, about her Snapback Tiara line.

What inspired you to go into fashion for Non Binary and GNC?

I met some wonderful Non Binary and GNC folks through a QTBIPOC Meetup group and as I learned more

about the Non Binary community I wanted to be more inclusive. With their love, support, inspiration and blessing I created some designs with

more to come!

What is something you would like to be remembered by?

I want to be remembered as the first Queer clothing line in my city.

What do you do for self care when stressed?

I play video games! They are a great distraction and a way to unwind. I also draw and paint.

Give us a quote or saying that you commonly use.

If it's not growing you or supporting you, get rid of it. Basically Marie Kondo everything. If it's not bringing joy to your life,

Why keep it?

Who are you inspired by?

I'm inspired by my friends and family and those in the Queer commuinty who came before and set a path for us to follow.

We know now that we can be Gay AND Successful, and as scary as it can be sometimes to be out, we can thrive!

What is something that you have discovered about yourself this past year?

I'm definitely stronger than I thought. Some of that strength comes from having a solid network of friends that love, support

and encourage me. Navigating a Pandemic, not only as a human but also as a business owner has been difficult but I'm managing

to keep it pushing and achieve the goals I've set.

Please tell us where we can find you IG FB and what you working on.

I'm snapbacktiara on both FB and IG and next up I'm working a little something for my femmes and girly girls can't share much more than that ;)


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