CEO of QUIVER Dating app speaks Non-traditional Romance w/ Rati

Quiver is the latest dating app which has hit the market and one thinks, what makes it different from the dime a dozen dating apps around town. Michelle Abraham, the founder tells us more.

Can you describe Quiver Dating in more detail?

Sure, We were founded about 4 months ago, during the pandemic and our goal is to foster more organic connections through community and augmented reality experiences, more matches and less bias for our community. We are focusing on non-traditional relationships because these markets are often overlooked but make up a huge portion of online dating. We're creating the app we wish we'd had during the first year of the pandemic.

What is a non-traditional relationship?

A non-traditional relationship is any relationship that is outside of tradition or monogamous expectations. Our communities range from child free dating, for those who seek long-term love but do not seek to have children, to those who identify as demisexual, polyamorous or neurodiverse dating for those experiencing OCD, ADHD, Autism spectrum and more. We serve a wide range of experiences and we're proud of that.

The inspiration for quiver, did it come from your own personal life?

Yes it did. I identify as pansexual and have experienced non-traditional lifestyles for awhile. I experienced a break up during the early stages of the pandemic and after realizing no dating app offered the online experiences or relationship styles I wanted, I decided to talk with friends and peers to see if they felt the same, and it became clear that we needed to create the app at that point.

What does the QUIVER slogan "Where Love is for everyone" mean?

We believe love is for everyone and we are a community based organization. We want to genuinely help people fall in love! We are testing our first product (mvp) in a few weeks and if your readers would like to be a part of Quiver Dating, you all can sign up to test our app at

How has the journey been so far?

It's been the most rewarding process I've ever been a part of. I feel thankful each day to work with an incredible team and I'm so excited for people to soon enjoy what we've been building the past 4 months. We also have a thriving Clubhouse Club called Non-Traditional Romance and we host educational and entertaining rooms on topics related to dating and non-traditional love.

What is a quote which will describe Quiver Dating?

Two quotes come to mind' 1. What you seek is seeking you- Rumi

2. “May love find you.

Even when you are



hiding from it.”


Rati Agrawal


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