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T. Lavender Q&A with Music Artist Lambo

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1. Lambo! How are you? I’ve been watching you on social media for a minute. I like your whole vibe. You’re killing them out here! You have to tell me how did all of this rapping come about for you? How did you get this movement started?

Rapping came about for me because one , i love female rap and they way they can use there sex appeal to dominate , so why cant I? But I started in 2016 with this terrible freestyle , later I than met engineer/rapper EMONEY, he recorded a few freestyles , than I said E i need a hit, we worked up "Broke Boys" and its been all pedal no brake since.

2. Where are you from & where are you located as of now?

I'm from the east side of Cleveland, Ohio where I still reside until one of these big labels get me out of here.

3. Your confidence is through the roof! Where do you get your strength from?

My confidence comes from my mother my grandmother and all of the other dominate woman around me who I have watched growing up , it also comes from the support of 100% I get from my family, friends, & my city MALES INCLUDED , nobody really makes me feel like an other or like I don't belong.

4.Let’s get to this fashion style because you are fly out here in these streets! What brand do you like wearing & what inspires your look?

I don't really have a favorite brand , because I shop all over but one of my favorite go too is FASHIONOVA they barely let me down.

5. Now, I know in our LGBTQ community, sometimes people support us & some don’t. Do you have a good support system with your family & friends? And how do they feel about your career?

Like i stated earlier my family , my friends their families , my extended family, the house of all boys i come from supports me 1000%.

6. Since we’re currently in a pandemic & we’ve all been stuck in the house, how have you been able to still manage doing what you need to do to push your music? And what have you been doing outside of that to keep yourself occupied?

Well not even knowing that this was going to be going on I had already had videos and music recorded just sitting , but i also went to social media doing freestyles, challenges, etc. But now I've been back in that studio RECORDING RECORDING RECORDING.

7. Back in February, you released the “Broke Boyz Remix” video. How did your collab with Big Indo, Ty’Bri & Sundae come about? How did you choose who you wanted to direct the video & who helped you behind the scenes? The set looked amazing. The lights, the colors, everything was done very well.

That collab came along starting with Ty , I simply sent a dm and it took days for her to tell me yes. I was worried ,because it was my management's idea for Indo because I had never met her, glad I did i love her, than i knew Sundae to rap a little but i know she pops in the city , so i needed the exposure and THEY ALL KILLED IT.

As far as the video , my management had knew the director we went in circles for weeks of what the plot was going to be , than she (the director) called and said she had this place and an idea so we merged ideas and that's how we got that popping a** video.

8.You know all the boys want to know if LAMBO is single or taken. Are you available or unavailable as of right now?

In a situation but I'm always open to take applications until I'm in something solid and official.

9. What has been your toughest obstacle to get over being a openly gay artist in this industry?

Being called a gay rapper , yes i am gay , yes i am a rapper ,but gay rapper I'm more than that , especially because most of my biggest performances have been at straight venues and I was tearing down the house, why label me I'm a RAPPER who just happens to like a dick or two.

10. When did you know you wanted to be a famous rapper? Has this always been a childhood dream of yours?

I don't wanna be a famous rapper , I wanna be a successful legend who raps. Growing up i would of never thought id be a rapper i use to wanna be a victoria secret model , but like all people sometimes it takes time to find your niche and I've found mine.

11. You’re inspiring a lot of people to be themselves. What’s next for LAMBO? More music? More projects? What is coming from LAMBO that we should be on the look out for?

The whole world is coming for Lambo and I'm ready to conquer it , my first full project should be out soon , that chick corona held me for a second, but I'm coming more music , more collabs, more visuals , more looks , more sexual appeal, & THE BIG DEAL.

12. Let the people know where they can find you, your music & all of your social media platforms. Thank you so much for letting us interview you. It’s been a pleasure. Oh & shout out your barber because that cut is nice!

My music is literally on every platform , Spotify, Amazon music , Itunes , Apples music , Tidal, Youtube , even Soundcloud.

My instagram is @4eyed_lambo feel free to dm I always respond.

And my barber is either Randa over on Arlington or singer Alexx Major they keep this laced glued and tight.

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