Part II of London’s Bridge is Falling Down.

The fifth and final year of London’s relationship was plagued with arguments, screaming matches, fights, and all-around disrespect. Then tragedy struck, London’s mother died without warning. Instantly London thought of committing suicide. How could she live without the one person who knew and loved her the most?! London fell into a deep dark hole, she would cry and pray, pray, and cry for days contemplating the decision to end it all. London was alone, her partner didn’t care enough to put their differences aside to be there for someone she claimed to love. London had to deal with her mother’s death on her own. Until one day London heard footsteps in her bedroom and heard her mother’s voice whisper, I didn’t raise a quitter, nor did I raise a weak woman, you know what you need to do. I’m still here with you every step of the way, now get up and be the woman I raised you to be and let God do the rest. London wiped the tears from her eyes, stood up off the bedroom and said as you wish. Even though London was still struggling with the death of her mother, she could still hear her mother’s voice in her head on replay. London got the courage to step out on faith and leave that toxic relationship behind. Talk about blessings, let’s just say all the things London struggled to obtain in that old relationship. London now has all of that and then some in shades. London listened to her mother’s voice and believed she was there every step of the way which gave her the courage to leave and succeed. The moral of the story is London’s Bridge may have swayed, chipped, and cracked in some places, but it never fell, it didn’t break. If you’re struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, being in a toxic relationship, don’t be afraid to talk to someone, your family and/or friends, don’t be afraid to leave. Have the courage to endure, be strong, say I deserve better, push through. Never give up on yourself because someone out there loves and needs you!


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