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October Reading: All Saints Day

As I am writing this it is very close to All Saints Day.  A very old day that is set aside to remember all who have moved from this land to the land of the dead.    This month’s reading is a hoot and may call some of ya’ll out and its for your own good.

The first pull is coming from the Okana Oracle Deck .

The Plenty card is reminding you that you have more than enough skills, more than enough knowledge and more than enough aid at your disposal to help you grow and mature into exactly what you need to be and go exactly where you need to go.  The Flare card however talks about a habit you have of cutting your damn nose off to spite your face with your temper or negative self talk.  You could be close to having something and you will literally keep such a negative thought process about it that it will elude you because of YOUR mindset.  So you are then stuck with the Covet card which sends you full circle because you have everything you need to get to and be where you want but because of your negative mindset and approach you are stuck in a cycle of seeing everyone around you advance and get the things you want while you can only watch.

The next deck ya’ll know is my favorite is The Hoodoo Tarot and LORD HAMMERCY!!!  The Ancestors are watching over you and I am telling you they are keeping you safe through all the BS you put yourself through and they are keeping BS from you that you know nothing about.   Put the past behind you and fall into the arms of not only The Divine but The Ancestors who were sent to you by The Divine.  What you are dealing with is going to require a lot of trust to move through even though it is very short lived.  The Divine has not walked away and I ask that you believe the way you say you do and trust in The Divine.  The Courting Card from this deck is something.  I am going to say either sh*t or get off the pot.  Stop being lukewarm with this relationship the behavior is blocking your blessings.  You know this person is good for you but you act as if it’s a set up.  Her ancestors are looking at you and wondering if you are who they think you are but your ancestors are looking at her and standing in full approval of her being in your life.  Don’t act no ass and then wonder why things ain’t working when you spend all this time mistreating the blessing sent to you.  Am I saying she/he is perfection on earth no but I am saying that this person pushes you to be a better person, don’t resent them for it be grateful God thought of you enough to bless you this way.  I promise this person views you as a blessing from on high and it is not a set up. I truly tell you that if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain be moved from here and it will move.  NOTHING will be impossible.  This card is Black Herman and he is seen as the magician he is a reminder that faith and planning go hand and hand.  Put all of your intentions, skills and beliefs to work.  Commit with everything you are and everything you have if your dream is worth dreaming it is worth having and don’t you dare doubt yourself. Our favorite Oracle deck is speaking about blessings that flow like water bringing inner peace to create a balance that will birth the security that fueled by the fire of The Divine. 

The last deck is our Adinkra Ancestral Deck

The Denkyem card is the keeping the rhythm of this reading.   I am telling you that The Divine is demanding that you wear the armor of faith, adaptability and quick responses.  All BS aside life can have a snag or but don’t allow that to shake your faith.   Mware Wo is literally The Divine asking you to commit to you.  Your dreams need you, your desires require you, you need to believe in you and what you hope to achieve as if your life depends on it because it does.  This is not a joke this is real, you are so close to a different reality right now you can smell it but it requires your belief and it requires your faith above and beyond what you thought you could give.  Do all the work necessary and then fall back into the arms of God and trust that you will not hit the ground.  Mpuannum is putting a period on this reading with no damn tampon this is serious.  Fix your crown and walk in the full authority of God’s blessings.  Walk as if you are a child of the most high because you are and this is not something that is said in arrogance and should not be worn with arrogance it should be worn with the joy that is God you have to celebrate your blessings and believe God’s goodness even before you see it.  I believe I have whatever I asked God for I just have to let the time pass to prove God made it all happen.  Ya’ll aint hearing me I am telling you The Divine wants you to dedicate yourself not only to The Divine but also dedicate yourself to you, your future and those you love with all your heart not half ass like you been doing it.  Every one want to see God work till God work then ya’ll scared I am telling you get scared then cause God is bout to be extra busy and you need to be prepared to receive blessings of knowledge, wisdom, love and lessons to put you in a position to show the world God’s grace and how God shows up and shows out.  This month is a good month to clean your home of negative energy using cedar, see ya’ll thought I was going to say sage.  Call in sweet blessing with sweet grass if you have Native American Spirits or another of my favorites Amber.  A great stone to ground, heal and purify the mind, body and soul is Shungite.  It is a great assistant with emotional regulation, spiritual calm and stress.   The Divine loves you day in and day out and anyone that would tell you different is a bald face lie.  If you wish to reach me for a reading, spiritual work or services or spiritual supplies please reach out to me I am here to help. @africancrystalgoddess IG African Crystal Goddess FB www.africancrystalgoddessapothecary.com

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