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Meet the Creator of Luxe Kurves Magazine, Brandee "Kurvy" J

Updated: May 1, 2021

1. How did you get into Radio, Media and Journalism?

Growing up I would always create my own shows and movies. Especially, when my dad brought home a video camera. My sister, cousin and I would remake music videos and out on skits. My mother saw how much I loved it and according to her “My baby was born with a camera in front of her face,” she put me in a school that had a media program and I knew that was my calling.

Being a young, black chubby girl I didn’t see anyone on camera who looked like me or you came from where I came from and felt how I felt. I remember how the media back then and still today tries to force us (black and brown people) to think we need to be or look a certain way and I was tired of that for so many reasons.

When I got older I knew I had to change that or at least try and the only way to do that was to create our own media empire (GOD gave me my purpose and my empire is his). I didn’t ask for a seat at the table I created my own and will continue to do so.

2. When did you realize that you were a celebrity? what was it like?

It’s funny you ask this question, LOL because I do not see myself as a celebrity. When people say that I’m humbled but I just see “Brandee” a kurvy girl from Daygo (San Diego) breaking barriers and doing what I was told I couldn’t.

Maybe when I win a Golden Globe award then it will hit me, lol!

3. What is a quote or saying that gets you through difficult times?

My mother and grandmother always had the sayings, but it there is one that I say to myself still that my mother said to me as a teenager, “ You have 15 minutes to cry and feel sorry for yourself but after that you wipe away those tears, put your big girl underwear on and get your ass back to work!” Hearing that my whole life allowed me to keep going, hell my mom just said it again to me last week and it still works!

4. What is one thing that people could not tell about you just by looking at you?

I was a tomboy growing up! I loved watching wrestling and would get on top of the roof of my childhood home and jump off doing wrestling moves, lol! At that time I wanted to be a professional wrestler like Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, The Rock but the Undertaker was my favorite! A badass for no reason! My dad would take to see them perform and hearing the crowd cheer for them I wanted that same feeling and to also kick ass!

5. What is a ritual or self care routine that keeps you balanced during the hustle and bustle?

Every morning I either listen to my “Empowerment” playlist I created which starts off with “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston, then goes into “Diva” by Beyonce, “Survivor”, by Destiny’s Childs then “Reminder” by Jay-Z. It always gets me ready for the day! After I listen to my playlist I meditate, pray and do my affirmations.

It allows me to clear my mind and talk to GOD. During these times that is important for my mental health.

6. Who was the coolest person to meet and why?

My Grandma Sara! She was amazing and crazy in every way! That woman would curse out her own children, well hell anyone. She lived on her terms and did not care! Growing up with her in my life shaped me into the Kurvy BEAST I am today! Grandma Sara was the ultimate Kurvy Queen to me and she is the foundation for my magazine, Luxe Kurves and everything I do!

She taught me to always be real, don’t be a fake bitch (Yes she would say that to me as a child), be proud of your body and do everything with class, grace, elegance and always be SASSY! lol

7. Please tell us where we can find you on social networks and what you are doing and working on that you would want the viewers to follow.

Right now we in the 5th season of my talk show, The Brandee J show on Ova T.V. (www.ova-tv) and I’m loving every minute of it! Also kicking ass with our magazine, Luxe Kurves Magazine which is the ONLY upscale lifestyle magazine for kurvy/plus size woman! We have a lot in the works but I can’t tell you about just now, but you can find me there our on social media @brandeekurvyj!

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