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May Reading:MAY You Find Reassurance & Clarity of Direction

Welcome to this month’s reading yall!!!  Now I want to say I hope everyone is being safe out here with COVID-19 and a host of other issues coming at us from every damn direction.  I can’t say that this was an easy reading because initially I thought

and then I heard the message and was like ok, its not bad or good it’s all in how you take the information Spirit provides you to use to your benefit.   As always got our lead cards from The Hoodoo Tarot on our tarot board and The Adinkra Ancestral Cards but we got a wild card at the top this month from one of my favorite Astrology decks.   The Big Queen

This reading brings The Big Queen to the table and think about this card like you would Big Momma, she is here to celebrate with you but remind you to watch your footing.  You ever looked at an opportunity and said hell yeah, I’m on it but something in the back of your “mind” said “nope don’t do it”, that’s the “mother wit” or intuition that The Big Queen is bringing to you.  The world around us is changing right before our eyes.  Those of us who felt this shift in 2015 knew a time was coming where we would have to get better acquainted with ourselves, our relationships and the world we call home.  This card is calling to remind you to appreciate the abundance in your life and find joy every single day despite the challenges that life brings. 

Be sure to BE STILL and think about all the things you have accomplished and all that you need to accomplish and what it will take to get there and the happiness that you have now as well as the happiness you will have once you nurture yourself, your peace and your dreams. 

Strength  The Strength card is truly beautiful.  She is sitting there with one of the most feared predators in the South, a Puma.  Clearly though she has a relationship with this animal and it has a relationship with her he is very protective of her and she is protective of him by the way she cradles him.  This card is reminding us during this season of transition into a new age we must be strong enough to be compassionate.  Show people the same kindness you wish the world would show you.  It’s hard but so worth it to not let people take you out your space.  This is the time where brute force and abrasiveness will backfire on you so take it easy and think before you speak and tread lightly with the feelings of those around you. 

Take the time to be patient and stay calm, during this time as the news, people and situations seem to keep coming for you even though you didn’t send for them.  If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to this, STOP COMPLAINING, there will always be an issue to be pissed about or something that doesn’t go your way but find the lesson that you were meant to learn and then move through it. 

People are going to show up for some damn reason and try to make you dim your shine but that is not advisable reject any and all attempts where people try to make you feel less so they can feel like more.  Aggression is not the way to go this season, it will not get you what you want or help you get to where you want to go.

Seven of Coins The Seven of Coins shows a well-dressed woman bending over to pick up/reap what she has put work in to receive.  It is a reminder that if you listen to what has been said to you, you will receive a return on your investment that will allow you to make steady progress.  So focus during this time on your long-term goals and remember to that giving up is not an option.  You must show the world what you want shown to you as during this season reaping what you have sown will be clear as you watch people around you experience the good and the bad based on what they have shown others.  Nine of Coins

The Nine of Coins is showing a woman in the comfort of her own home enjoying the peace that her hard work has brought her while she knows she is safe from anything negative as the protective eye is present throughout the card.  This card is speaking of self-reliance, self-governance and well deserved reward after waiting and working hard to receive it.  Now this is not your que to get to your goal by any means.  You have to get there by doing the right thing because it’s right.  This does not mean that you can pretend to care about people or situations you have to be genuine.  Don’t think this means that you can max out your cards or become obsessed with material things this card speaks to reaping the benefits of responsibility.  I would advise you all to learn something so that you are more responsible for your own future.  Learn to plant a garden, learn to sew, make candles or whatever skill that would make living in this new normal more palatable for you.  Aya reminds us to be resourceful our ancestors will help us stand as their knowledge and wisdom is within us and shines through us.  The walk with us at all times and remind us we were built for this life and all that comes with it.   Mmere Dane reminds us that we are in a time of dynamic shift and that shift is neither good or bad it just is.  What makes it good or bad is how we respond to the change.  Remember you cannot beat a river into submission you must surrender to its current to harness its power which can propel you forward and help you avoid being hurt.  During this time of change be sure to use your time wisely so that the shift helps you become a better version of yourself.  The New Moon in Pisces and The New Moon in Cancer card show that during this time meditation is important to stay calm and grounded as you contemplate your next moves to help you during your personal navigation during this crisis.  The Sacred Destiny cards are Patience and Focus and these cards are important.  You don’t want to rush during this time.  I know people are telling us to go back to “normal” but this is not a good idea.  We have to remember that this is a transition in to a period of growth for not just us as people but also the planet and we all know growth cannot be rushed and it comes with growing pains.  These pains can be eased by taking the time to be patience and show the necessary forethought when you leave your home always protect yourself and focus on your health so you can meet all of your goals.   The Authenticity card is pleading with us to take this time to truly become reacquainted with our authentic self so that we can be more authentic with those around us. 

The Safe Travels card reminds us that we should not spend our time living in fear as to whether we will return home safe or our loved ones but we should make sure we enjoy every moment with them regardless and work to protect themselves and others both spiritually and physically.  The Wild Card is The Astrological Card Venus which is keeping with the sentiment of the reading by reminding you to take this time to get better acquainted with the mysteries that are you.  Be still and take care of you so that you will be able to care for those around you as you reap the benefits of everything you have worked on during this season of tremendous change.  Reassurance and clarity of direction during this time is important if you would like to speak with me about Spiritual Work, Spiritual Classes, Conversational Coaching or a Reading like the one above to help you along your path I am here to help you be a better version of yourself so that we can all be great together. @Africancrystalgoddess IG @Africancrystalgoddess FB Africancrystalgoddess@gmail.com www.africancrystalgoddessapothecary.com

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