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Ok now ya'll its May and it doesn't even feel like it. It feels as if we should be just stepping out of The Holiday's but instead we are halfway through the year and I don't know about ya'll but this shit has been eye-opening and amazing. I know we love to categorize things in cute ass boxes of good and bad but that is not how things work AT ALL.

At the time of me writing this the moon is moving from Pisces to Aries and as Pisces rules the feet it is the perfect time to take action. Action towards what? Well, that would be that personal issue that you have been avoiding dealing with, that deal you been thinking about but haven't made moves towards or the relationship that is no longer viable that you need to walk away from.

2021 is the year of decisions to move you to consequences that you can live with and that will move you into the next phase of your growth.

The first card is from the Moonology deck and its Prosperity lies ahead with the New Moon in Taurus being a symbol of new beginnings.

This card represents the stubbornness of our own past choices and how in some cases they have wreaked havoc in our lives but like all situations there are two sides and in this case but its amazing because a New Moon reminds us that the decisions we are making right now have the potential to bring us into our own joy and prosperity if we are willing to chase it like a rabid pitbull.

The second card pulled is The Full Moon in Cancer where personal issues reach a resolution. This is an emotional card and while we know Cancer is at home with The Moon this card signifies that emotions have been running high so be it stress from work, a relationship that is at its boiling point or a relationship that is new but the emotional connection is about to move it into a realm that will bring you happiness this emotional energy is encouraging your success for making your dreams a reality. Be careful with this and be on the lookout for moments where emotions can run high in the next month or so. Don't allow anyone to take you out of your space master yourself and what you can master within your sphere in an effort to be able to master what you are about to be blessed with.

Speaking of Blessings the last card is a Full Moon Eclipse where conclusions are within reach and that is perfect because the Full Moon Eclipse is the time where experiences that no longer serve us are released to make room for new blessings. This card shows us that the blessings are within eye-shot but there are still dead things that we have not let go of that are blocking our path and view of our goals. This is something that can be easily corrected by simply moving towards your goal. As a Spiritualist (yall like the word Witch so that too) we can do all the spells in the world but no truer words were ever said than "Faith without work is dead" you can have faith that you will be successful but if you do not work to attain success than it is all for nothing. We can blame people around us for how our lives look if we choose but the reality is we play the largest part in our own life with our choices and lack of choices so if life is not working the way you want or need it to Maybe its you.

Root of the Issue

High John the Conqueror root has a long history in Root Work can be used to “burn away” curses and obstacles, start a new refreshed season and boost a less than confident spirit. The root can also be used in floor washes to help empower your life and bring in success.

Blessings and Love

African Crystal Goddess

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