Manifesting in March Reading

At the time of this reading we are on the verge of a full moon and while our year is starting off with a myriad of changes and we are just in the first two months of the year. This card pull is reminds us with the first Flare that what comes up does not always have to come out. Your mouth does not have to destroy everything around you, that is a choice not a lack of options. Think before you speak.

Honesty was pulled and this begs that you be honest with yourself as well as those around you. You can be blunt all day long but what good is being “real” when no one wants to be near you because you fail to be careful with the feeling of those around you.

The Energy card reminds us to not invest so much energy into those who will not invest it into us nor should be jump into situations without learning as much as we can so that we don’t lose ourselves while trying to build something that might not be worth building. Stop being afraid to invest energy in the people who are investing energy into you.

Reconcile is an amazing card because it reminds us to love ourselves and reconcile to heal ourselves first so that we can love those around us better. If we invest energy into ourselves and we are honest without ourselves we will be able to mend our own wounds so that we can possibly help others mend their wounds.

Mercurial is a reminder to stop and listen. Take your time so that you can avoid the mistakes of the past. Be easy with yourself and others as they try to avoid similar mistakes. Try to keep your judgment of their mistakes to yourself as you have your own mistakes that could be easily judged.

In the coming months, Flexibility will be needed with not only the heart and feelings of others but also your own heart try to understand the position and life of others without the condescending approach that can create a major rift. If you don’t Trust the person you are engaging with do be decent, God fearing, and right then don’t waste your time or theirs. Trust yourself, trust The Divine and the reason that the situation or person has now come into your life.

Enlightenment comes in many different forms sometimes book, people or just the peace and stillness of The Divine. Don’t ignore the enlightenment no mater how it presents. Just because the enlightenment is different or not what you have been accustomed to does not make it wrong or right just a different approach. Enlightenment allows us to respect each other and not fear each other for the parts that we don’t understand when we see the hand of God all over the people in our lives who are different.

The Divine sends the brightest flame into our lives at times where we feel lost, less than our best or when we have just strayed from our path. Don’t ignore the support and love that God sends just because it is packaged differently from how you hoped it would be.

Be easy with one another and yourselves this is not the time for rash responses and abrupt conversations.

When cleaning your home for the coming month lets work with Dragons Blood to clear out negative stagnant energy while protecting the home.

The Crystal of this edition is going to be Rose Quartz it will help you speak to yourself and others with love.

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