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Maintaining Healthy Habits During The Holiday Season

The weather is changing. The days seem to be going by quicker and the holidays are

approaching. How do we stay or maintain our healthy habits and fitness routines, without getting sucked into the holiday madness?

During the beautiful holiday season starting around October and November healthy

habits slide off track and wristbands get thicker. Due to the change in weather where now it’s

getting colder and dark earlier people tend to abandon healthy habits during the winter and

holidays. Who really wants to stick to a diet and/or go to the gym?

A common statement you may hear or even say to yourself is I’ll get back on track Jan 1 st

and start the New Year right. Yes if your focus enough that can happen but others never regain that motivation to get back into it or lose the extra pounds they have put on during the holiday season.

To help maintain your fitness routines and healthy goals during the holidays here are

some strategies you can do. Changing your focus, the holiday season is a perfect time to connect with family and friends. Instead of having the focus on the food and drinks, focus instead on creating memories and improving relationships with the people you love and care about.

You can also set limits to what you eat and drink, everything in moderation. And while you are setting limits with what you are eating and drinking during the holidays don’t pause your workouts. The holiday season can be a very busy time of year and usually the first thing to go to make time is your workout plan. Keeping your workout plan during the holiday season will not only help you maintain weight and achieving your fitness goals. It will help you maintain weight and achieving your fitness goals. It will help you relieve stress during this busy stressful time of year.

Going back to the strategy of changing your focus and reconnecting with family and

friends, a healthy strategy where you can reconnect and stay on your fitness goals is inviting a friend or family member to attend an exercise season with you. Whether it’s a class at the gym or an early morning walk at your local mall. It’s a wonderful time to socialize and get everyone involved in a healthy activity.

One last strategy you can use to maintain fitness during the holiday is tracking your

habits. Tracking your daily habits will make you more conscious of your health habits and alert you when you are starting to fall off track. Some ways you can track your habits are simply writing what you ate throughout the day and how much physical activity you have done during the day in a notebook. Also you can use fitness watches, calendars and/or the many fitness apps you can download from your smart phone.

When all is said and done it’s not an easy task to achieve and if you go off track during

the holiday season don’t give up! Never wave that defeat or I give up flag. The next day is

always a new day to set a new goal, move forward with a great attitude and achieve!!

Fun Christmas Workout Challenge:

12 Days of Christmas workout. Work from Day 12 to Day 1, each day adding the new exercise.


Day 12 do 20 squats followed by Day 11 do 20 squats + 20 calf raises and so on. By Day 1 you

should be doing 12 exercises!

12/25 DAY 1 PLANK (20 SEC)

12/24 DAY 2 TUCK JUMP (20 REPS)

12/23 DAY 3 PUSH UP (20 REPS)




12/19 DAY 7 LEG LIFTS (20 REPS)

12/18 DAY 8 CRUNCHES (20 REPS)

12/17 DAY 9 SUPERMAN (20 REPS)

12/16 DAY 10 LUNGES (10 EACH LEG)

12/15 DAY 11 CALF RAISES (20 REPS)

12/14 DAY 12 SQUATS (20 REPS)

Saralyn Freita

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