London’s Bridge is Falling Down by Raqi (Rah) Hayden

London is a strong, ambitious woman full of goals and big dreams. London met who she thought would be the end all be all love of her life. Bridgette (Bridge) was her nickname. Bridge is a hustler who gets it by any means. The type that doesn’t care who she hurts, manipulates or uses to get what she wants. London is more reserved a different type of hustler, the type that works hard and doesn’t like that microwave effect, you know that quick fast in a hurry, get it but can’t ever keep it effect. London met Bridge in 2015 they instantly connected, started dating and quickly moved in together. In the beginning the relationship was amazing. They had so much fun, laughing at silly jokes, videos, they danced, watched

movies, had date nights and the sex was out of this world. The first three years were pretty ok, then it all went downhill from there. Things started to happen that London couldn’t explain. She lost her job, her car and then the arguments started. Mind you Bridge had quit her job and was doing God knows what with her baby daddy to get money which is still a mystery to London. Sure London was getting money from unemployment and looking for work, but nothing was ever good enough or fast enough for Bridge. Every job London got she would lose, without a logical reason or explanation. Until one day she spoke to the only person that could make sense of things: her first love and very best friend, her mother and what London’s mother said shocked her. London’s God fearing preacher of a mother said as long as you're in this relationship nothing will ever prosper. London ignored the warning from her mother and God as she continued to suffer in the relationship. There were constant arguments, physical fights, to London being locked out of their bedroom and sometimes the house.

  1. London then received a blessing. A small settlement from a lawsuit she had going a year earlier. London was so happy even though Bridge had treated her so badly and dismissed London for her baby daddy and friends. London took Bridge on an all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico. They had an amazing time, but once the vacation was over so was Bridge’s love, attentiveness and affection. The fourth and fifth years were tumultuous then tragedy struck which would change London’s life forever.

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