LGBTQ+ Recording Artist DMINQ New Album "30"

Hello people of earth and all of its inhabitants my name is Dominque but I go by DMINQ. I am a libra born in October the best month ever! I am a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger with Marshall Park Entertainment and I’m just an all around good guy that loves art!

1. What inspired you to pursue music professionally?

What truly inspired me was my time playing drums in church and with different gospel artists. My grandmother always put me around musicians who were also producers and songwriters for others as well as themselves, so it was then that I thought I could do it as well.

2. Who are some of your influences?

Some of my all time influences are Usher, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. My current influences are 6lack, Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla Sign and Jhene Aiko

3. What is one thing people would not know about you by just looking at you?

People probably wouldn’t know I am an art, science and history nerd. I love learning new things when it comes to those subjects. Don’t believe me? Come hang out with me and find out lol.

4. What is the message that you always want your listeners to remember?

Oooooo that’s a good question. I think I always want my listeners to remember that I am diverse and I always create something for everyone so even if you don’t like a certain song of mine there will always be something else you can vibe with.

5. What would you say to the artist just starting and wanting to give up.

Please know I have been in your shoes and so the best advice I can offer is don’t give up and don’t stop. Keep creating as much and as often as you can especially when the creative wave hits you. You never know what can and will happen.

6. What do you want your legacy to be?

I just want to be known and remembered as someone who unapologetically lived in his truth even when it wasn’t popular, and that I carried that same energy over to every aspect of my life while still retaining dignity and respect.

7. What does pride mean to you?

Pride for me has changed over the years as far as meaning. At one point it meant living in my truth and being myself and loving being part of a community that was supposed to represent that, but now with the current climate of America it means more that I love and cherish myself in FULL. Meaning that I love my blackness and my indigenous because before I even announced or made it be known that I was gay I was African and Native, but also loving my creative nature and my ability to love and love hard. So to sum it up Pride to me means loving who you are as a whole and not caring about what others think because even in the lgbtq community there are closed minded people who are still trying to relive the days of Jim Crow and Emmitt Till.

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