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Interview with Layke (LGBTQ+ Artist and Advocate)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1: Walk us through a day in the life of Layke.

Well things are definitely a lot different at the moment because normally i’d be gearing up to start the stage show and live performances. But since that is not gonna be back on for a minute with Covid a day in my life looks like this: wake up and have my morning snuggle with my little floof Zoltan. We go outside for few with some tea and get the day going with a little sunlight. Then 4-5 days a week I work out. I make myself a protein shake after and then go sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes w the pup. I have Crohn’s disease so since I’m immune compromised I’ve been trying to keep a rather normal schedule during everything to keep my health in check and getting sun is so good for you. When I’m outside I bring my iPad so I can start working for the day. This is when I will check emails for music related stuff, check in with the team, and start work.

Then I go online and start spreading information regarding the movement and actionable things people can be doing from reliable researched and trusted sources. I start making calls to various politicians, council members, and individuals holding office in positions to make change in the injustices that have been occurring in this country. I also send emails and sign petitions as well as make donations to groups and funds helping with the movement. Then I get back into more music work stuff usually dealing with creative and artistic direction for the releases I have coming out. Then it’s probs time for lunch which is usually a salad & some protein to keep me going. Then of course I’ll do more work on music and things related to that and do more active work online and over the phone.

Basically I’m spending my day between spreading information and staying active and doing my part in the movement and working on stuff related to my music while hanging with my dog. I’m pretty much a workaholic and absolutely love it so I’m always

creating and conceptualizing. I always end my day with dinner and time w my little

Zoltan. I’m really into squash and cabbage right now so I’m cooking those all types of

ways. Usually we catch a movie or some reality TV or a documentary depending on the

mood. And then off to dreamland. 

2: We see from your social media and artist page that you are an artist that is out and also an LGBTQIA+ Advocate, and a BLM Advocate, have you faced any backlash with any other artists, fans or followers because of this?

I have a very strict policy that I will not allow any racist, homophobic, trans-phobic,

xenophobic, fat-phobic, sexist, ablest, ageist comments anywhere on any of my pages. I

am extremely anti all of this and very vocal about it. I will message someone who makes

a hateful comment and let them know exactly why what they are saying is not alright or

tolerated on any level and then I block them. The world I’m trying to create for listeners

and fans is inclusive and safe and I want it to feel that way for everyone coming to my

page or listening to my music. I want them to feel loved and accepted and not have to

deal with trolls and hate speech. There’s enough of that out there and I have no time for

it. No hate allowed. 

3:Where did your activism stem from? 

I grew up in Dallas, TX which has a LOT of problems with racism, homophobia,

trans-phobia, xenophobia, and sexism. I’m the youngest of four daughters born to a father

who immigrated from Italy to originally Toronto. My Nonni, who was one of the most

amazing humans ever, was so old world Italian she didn’t even read or write Italian let

alone speak English. And this was post WW2 when there were a lot of very negative

feelings about Italians. They had to endure a lot and overcome a lot and I remember my

Nonni Guilietta would tell me stories (of course with my father’s help translating) about

her experiences. And she would say no matter what happens I always keep positive

and I keep going forward. And just remember to always treat everybody in life the same

because you never know what somebody is going through and every person deserves

to be treated with dignity and respect and that really stuck with me from the beginning

as a very small child. 

  So growing up in Texas I would see a lot of people saying terrible hateful things and

doing terrible hateful things and I was the kind of kid who would step in and be like this

is not alright this is not gonna fly with me you need to stop. And I’ve been that way ever

since I can remember. And that just naturally translates into fighting for what’s right in

the world currently. I have never stood by and watched injustice with a blind eye. I have

always stepped in and been extremely vocal and active and stopped anything of the

sort that I’ve ever seen. And I will always continue to do so. I definitely have an inner fire

to fight for what’s right. 

  And also if someone is in a position of privilege and they aren’t using it to try to do

something, to put something good into this world, to try to help affect change, then I

truly believe they are a garbage human. Like if your a white person and your not actively

speaking out against the establishment and being active in what’s going on then you are

saying you are alright with it and that says a whole lot and I won’t associate with that. 

4: What do you think is the most important message as an artist with your platform that you try to continuously spread to your subscribers?

  As I said before I think it’s EXTREMELY important to use your platform if you have one to affect change, especially people with privilege ie. white privilege. If you have privilege and you have a platform you must be speaking out and saying something, you must not stand idly by, that is inexcusable and reprehensible. But even if you don’t have some

huge platform, you should still be doing your part to enact change. So encouraging people to be active and spreading legit information with actionable items is definitely something I always encourage. 


For me personally I am trying to continuously share information regarding BLM, LGBTQIA+ causes, and Indigenous causes. So advocating for BIPOC & the LGBTQIA+

community is very close to my heart. 

5: What is one thing people often assume about you that is not true?

People always assume I’m super social because when you meet me I’m a lot personality wise and a bit of a spaz lol which makes me seem like I’m always like that. But I also have a very introverted secluded side and I really enjoy my time on my own. I can be a bit of a homebody sometimes too which tends to shock people. I’m more relaxed than I come across lol. 

6: Please tell the readers and subscribers where they can find your music and other projects that you have and are working


‘Bad Things’ the first single off my upcoming EP Frequency is officially out July 24th. I’ve been holding onto this music for a second and I’m so excited to finally put it out into the world for people to hear. It’ll be available on all streaming platforms and anywhere you can download music. I also have a lyric video coming out for each of the five songs as well as a music video for each of the four singles. And we’re going to be sprinkling some other fun content tied to the releases along the way so make sure your following me on Insta (@laykeofficial),

Spotify, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything!

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