June Reading: Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

Hey Gods and Goddess'

Hope you are enjoying the abundance of the space you find yourself in currently. As we sit in the First Quarter Moon the vibe continues to be attraction and this is the perfect time for protection and attraction work. There is no time for self limiting beliefs, nor fear or doubt. Now this isn't your que to be reckless because danger is real but the fear is what you make up in your own head and push it out as a real outcome even when it hasn't materialized.

This pull is coming from one of my favorite decks, The Hoodoo Tarot.

The first card is the Son of Coins and this card is clearly speaking to planning and reaping the benefits of planning. If you have money in crypto don't freak out, the stock exchange will be doing all kinds of stuff to give you gray hair but hang in there it will still be worth it. If you are starting a business it is time to hustle, this doesn't mean get overwhelmed or start to be difficult with others, this is the time to focus and get everything you deserve and more.

The next card is Eight of Knives now this one might look scary but in this instance it means don't become overwhelmed by your options for success. You have many roads to take and each road has several options good and bad but what you reap depends on what you sow. If you work hard now you will reap the benefits of the decisions you make just plan carefully, no rash impulsive choices. Believe in your own ability and tell all neaysars to GTFOH! You have the ability to move in ways others can't don't forget that fact, so if you find yourself in a space where you feel stuck with one of these choices, remember YOU can get out of this.

The third card is the Three of Sticks. This card is so pretty to me as it speaks about becoming the leader for yourself as you always hoped you would be. Seeing the bigger picture as you step into a space where your finances improve and you start to realize you are no longer stifled. Don't get caught up in thinking about things that didn't work out previously that will only hinder you from what could be your most successful season. Put in effort, real effort, make long term goals and avoid short term gratification. If you take yourself seriously everyone else will too.

The fourth card is Seven of Coins!!! Y'all better quit playing these damn games with yall future. This coin is a return on your investment. Long-term thinking, avoiding short term gratification (again), finish what you start no matter how small. Now this is not a que to be a workaholic but carefully choose your projects so that you don't feel your efforts are wasted. If you are working a mundane job take all of the frustration you feel there and pour it into something you enjoy and can be successful in.

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