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Joy Oladokun : The Power of being an Artist

"What's up Culour Magazine, I'm Joy Oladokun and I’m excited to chat with you guys today."

When did you first discover your love for music?

"I first discovered my love of music growing up in the house I grew up in. My parents aren’t musical people in the sense that they play instruments, but they love music, especially my dad. I just grew up watching him like dancing around to 80’s power ballads and you know, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel but I also heard him listening to Johnny Cash and like, weird country gospel records. I don’t know, I think seeing my dad really letting himself enjoy multiple types of music and nerd-out about the lyrics, I think that’s when I, just as a kid watching him, is when I first realized I loved it-loved it."

What is your message that you want to send out into the world?

The message I want to send out to the world is that we’re here for each other. We’re here to take care of one another, and the planet, and ourselves, of course. And I hope my music is honestly just an exhibition of me doing those three things. I hope that people listen to what I do and it inspires them to kind of do-good outside of the three minute and thirty second song I sent. Whether it’s, you know, playing guitar, or calling a friend, or going to therapy, or painting, I want my music to be inspiring people to do better for themselves and for others.

What is something that you do for your own self-care?

Something I do for my own self-care is I have been meditating a lot… There’s something really powerful about connecting with my breath and just being still. I think we just have so many things that demand our attention and our reactions and our sort of.. everything all day. So, to be able to start the day with two to five minutes of just me being me, and breathing, and existing, and there’s just no expectation. I think it’s really healthy, and I think physically it is helping my body deal with stress a lot better. Like, I can feel the physiological changes, so to speak.

What is one thing you would want to be remembered for as a part of your legacy?

One thing I want to be remembered for as part of my legacy… I hope I make people smile as much as I make them cry. I get a lot of emotional messages from people saying that “This made me deal with this trauma” or “This thing,” and I actually really appreciate people trusting me with their stories that way, because I’m putting that same level of vulnerability into my work. But, I think the thing that I have always appreciated about myself or one thing I’ve always noticed about myself is even when I’m feeling really heavy, or even when things are dark, I can find a reason to laugh, and not just humor as a DEFENSE mechanism but literally humor as the way to just, re-make the lemons that have been thrown at me into something kind of fun and exciting. So I hope, just as much as my emotional intensity is recorded, I hope my capacity for joy (no pun intended), is remembered as well.

Please tell us where we can find you on social media and anything else you are working on.

I am on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, I don’t know any other.. I’m on Xbox , if you guys want to play. I’m on social media as @joyoladokun. I’m working on volume 2 of my record, which should be coming out at the beginning of 2021 and I’m very, very, very excited. Thank you for having me and it was great talking to you guys!

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