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Introducing Indie Trailers: A Fresh New Platform for Independent Content

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I saw a lot  of people in Facebook groups asking where do I find black independent films and/or webseries. I’m also a big independent film fan and always had trouble searching for a good one to watch on Youtube or through the multiple streaming services out now but I decided to make a platform that would help the search become a lot easier.

We stand out because we are not a streaming platform but more of a discovery channel. (Youtube meets IMDb for independent content)

Our mission for Indie Trailers is simple, to boost awareness and opportunities for independent projects.

We are a free platform that supports and promotes independent content, allowing viewers to preview and discover dozens of trailers and teaser from original shorts, features, and web series from independent filmmakers of color, with each page linked to the original film source to help boost viewership for the content creator.

We also understand there is a lot to balance when promoting a film, but we are here to help make that process run a little smoother. We are also a trailer house, and for a limited time, we’re helping filmmakers bring their projects to life at a very discount price.

Our services include:

Short film edits

Trailer/ Teaser Edits

Film Posters

Landing Pages

▪️Jasmine Lewis

▫️Video Editor | Producer | Content Creator

▪️View Work www.ieditcreations.info

▫️IG: @ieditcreations

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