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T.Lavender talks with Fashion Designer Alani Taylor

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1. Alani Taylor. It’s a honor to have you here with us today. I am beyond proud of all of the work that you’re doing. Forreal. Who is Alani Taylor? Alani Taylor is actually my daughter. I named the brand after her when I started my high fashion line in 2016 after she was born.  2. Where were you born & raised & how has your city supported your endeavors? I was born in Newark New Jersey raised in the Bronx and Newark. You know what they say that you get more love from strangers so I can’t say that I’ve gotten much support from the home team but it’s ok. Some are still actually finding out who I am anyway.  3. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get into the fashion industry? Who got you your first sewing machine & who taught you the game of fashion? I started making clothes in 2010 when I was in the Army. I was stationed at Fort Hood Texas and i didn’t want to look like everyone else so I taught myself how to sew. My wife Alex at the time brought me a sewing machine for my birthday and the magic started there. October 3, 2010.  4. Your line is FLY! I just got some pieces from your right before this interview! Where do you get the inspiration for your ideas for your creations? They’re mind blowing. I really appreciate that. Like I really do because people don’t have to support me, people don’t have to buy at all but y’all do and I’m so grateful for it. My style and eye comes from my New York traits I guess. We like to be different and standout. I’m big on patterns and bright color. I love to mix them together to where they look like they don’t go but they do.  5. These fashion shows you’re apart of be on POINT! Do you have a team that helps you with everything & how do you get prepared for your events? Thank you. Yes I have an amazing team next to me. I never say behind me because I want my team on my level. It’s pretty traditional how we prepare. The only thing I do differently for a fashion show is I don’t start designing until the last minute. If I design to early I come up with new ideas and fall out of love with the first designs lol so I don’t give myself time to rethink things. So if the show is on the 1st of the month I don’t start until maybe two weeks before. 6. What was your BIGGEST fashion career moment? And how did it change your life? Designing for Beyoncé and Cardi B. Being able to be apart of something like that was my highlight. I said once I e designed for Beyoncé Ive hit my peak. I just didn’t know it would be so soon in my career. So that’s the life change I guess. Figuring out what’s next now that I’ve achieved my goal.  7. Who is your fashion icon? Me!!! 8. There are a lot of famous models in the world. Who do you want to style that you haven’t styled yet? I’m not sure only because I don’t do this for the famous I do it for those that have been here from day one. I don’t look to have a celeb in my clothes. If I do get that blessing I value it but it’s not my priority.  9. How has the pandemic affected your business? And what did you do to stay sane? I feel like you created more dope pieces during this time. That’s exactly what I did. It didn’t let it effect me at all. I kept working and hustling. I took advantage of the opportunity for more people to see my work. Everyone was home trying to find something so I gave them something to look at. 🏽 10. Is Alani Taylor single or taken? The ladies want to know. I’m very much single. Until I find that one that can match my vibe I’m good we’re I’m at. I’m building a legacy for my daughter so that’s my priority until someone comes and takes my breathe away. But they have to have all the right traits and not just a pretty face.  11. What do you want your fans to know about you & your brand? And what can we expect from you in the future? I want them to know that i do what I do for them everyday. I create for them to feel like a million bucks. I love them dearly and I will always work hard to one up myself to make sure y’all stay fly as hell. What to look forward to is being able to shop Alani Taylor in stores. Right now we are in Inglewood CA at the Vacancy and will be in May more stores.  12. Drop all your social media’s, websites so everyone can support you & purchase the brand. Thank you for having us & keep in touch.  Instagram @Alanitaylorco Facebook timeekah murphy Website alanitaylor.com

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