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Interview with Dancer & Entertainer Tiffanie Kylla

How old were you when you became aware of your talent?

I was about 5 or 6 when I actually became aware of my enjoyment with dancing. It was my preschool graduation and I had been crying because the teachers had us singing in front of our parents. We had this song at the end that we had to dance to. I don’t know the music must’ve triggered something and I started Harlem shaking. Probably the most legendary video I have of myself.

What is a daily motivation for you to continue moving forward especially now during these unsure times? 

My daily motivation is the fact that I wake up every morning and have another day to make something better for myself & future. 

What is your idea of success?

Success in my eyes is being able to have everyone who doubted me trying to get in touch with me because they see my.... SUCCESS.

What is something you would tell your old self knowing what you know now at this time of your life? 

Honestly I’d tell my old self to chill out. Relax & go for what you know you love. No matter who says it won’t happen. What is something that you have an interest in that people wouldn't think you would or a hobby that you enjoy? 

I enjoy customizing shoes. I wouldn’t say many people know I do that.  Let the viewers and subscribers know where they can find you and what you have going on coming out and what to look for. IG : @kylla.fornia_ 

Photo Cred: @don_productions 

Management @millersquadent 

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