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Happy Spring Equinox!!! March Reading

The sun is out, the weather is breaking and Covid-19 is out and about. 

This month’s card pull is truly a reflection of what is going on at this time. 

Before I address the spread I just want to let you know that this virus is not good or bad it just IS.  This is something that comes that comes about as planets move about the solar system and have a direct affect on the planet, everything and everyone on it. 

This month I used a deck that I didn’t even expect to love but my god sister spoke so highly of it I had to give it a try.  The lead deck this month is the Hood Tarot Deck with the Adkinkra deck and my other monthly favorites right behind it. 

The first anchor card this month is Seven of Coins this one is warning that if you want a positive return on investment you will need to reflect on your choices to avoid pitfalls while taking your time and strategically thinking about what you want long term.   Ask yourself how do you want to go in your life and how you wish to affect the lives of others around you?  Once you have your answer stop doing things that don’t get you closer to that reality.

Second card is Seven of Sticks this card is indicative of feeling overwhelmed but learning to find your footing and seeing your own ability to become strong in the face of adversity.  This is the time to protect what is yours in this time of uncertainty and nervous energy.  Summon all of your inner strength this is gonna get a little bumpy but you got this.  Don’t fret everything you need you already have but now you’re being given the chance to put all of your knowledge into play.

Last anchor card is Seven of Knives, which is another call to action for strategic planning and new beginnings in he mist of circumstances and circles filled with uncertainty, hidden agendas and people with less than honorable intentions.  Be careful to avoid being so suspicious that everyone is an enemy and you ignore or turn away someone who is truly in your corner

Before we move to the other cards now lets not overlook the fact that these anchor cards are triple 7’s.  This is significant for total spiritual transformation, revealing knowledge and understanding that wouldn’t have been revealed if it were not for the circumstances at this time.  YOU HAVE TO BE OPEN to things that don’t always align with what you have been told.  The Divine speaks but you have to be willing to hear.

The next cards are Kintinantan and Asase Ye Duru.  The two of these cards speak to the arrogance of those in power.  Their overall lack of humbleness and humility and their inability to even pretend to care about the citizens or the world around them.  Our Mother Earth is crying out and she needs people to listen to her and vs the indifference being shown right now. 

The next cards pulled remind us to keep our confidence, be open and hold fast to our vision.  Long and short of it, make sure you keep the faith.  The Divine has not left you and will never abandon you but you have to not only remain faithful to The Divine but also remain faithful to yourself even when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Be open to seeing messages from The Divine from a perspective other than that which you are familiar.

Openness and forgiveness clarify the anchor cards message that you have to be open to receiving information, be it good or bad and try to find out how it can serve you to make your life better and help make the world around you better.  As difficult and scary as it can be to forgive not only can it bring you peace but it will more than likely come from a person who is truly in your corner be open to them and let them in turn be open and there for you.  You cannot remain closed off anymore, it is no longer serving you its hurting you. 

The cards Phlox and Sweet Pea both speak to inviting the Divine Flame of creativity into your life to bring you comfort when you are feeling anxious.  Does that mean you have to pick up a hobby?  Not really but you do have to be willing to spend time with The Divine in joy and gratitude. 

Last but not least Glamour and Love round it out.  Why, you ask?  Because we need to put on our best face, old conjure workers refer to glamour spells, there will be times when you are nervous and unsure of everything but this is a reminder to stay calm and put your best foot forward.  You may not think so but this will take love.  Love of self, love of The Divine and love of those around you. 

The stress of what’s going on right now will require love, understanding and patience and as things are revealed to you I implore you to show those things to everyone including yourself.  

African Crystal Goddess

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