Happy New Year: The Threshold Reading

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Happy New Year Family!!!! We are at the threshold of the New Year, it is time to take a look at what we have, what we had and lost and what we need to do to move to the next playing field in our life. It is time to make sure that we are not taking behaviors into our new lives. Now when I say new life I don’t mean that New Year New me B.S., I mean dragging old hurt, old grudges and unrealistic expectations for yourself and others into your this new season. These things to not promote healing or growth they only continue to stir a pot of pain and uncertainty that a lot of you have been have been swimming in unhappily for a whole year. With this New Years reading I am going to ask that you not only make sure you house is physically clean but also please make sure you are Spiritually clean as well. This year 2021 is going to be one of healing and growth taking all the lessons from 2020 and putting them into action. The first pull is from the Okana Oracle Deck the first card is Hearth and this is the season to bring forth yourself as the blessing you were meant to be to the world for far too long you have dimmed your shine to make others feel comfortable. This half of your life you are so anxious to give birth to the truest version of yourself but there is still something that has stood in you way with a stubbornness that only comes from old hurt. You have not shown your best self based on the Toil card because you have been aiming back at someone who hurt you and it has gotten you very little in fact it has begotten nothing put negativity between you and the person or people you have been firing off at. The Wicked card shows that there has been an energy of discord in your life all year masquerading as a good soul this energy must be shut out of your life be it be way of a permanent block or simply being cordial in public and nothing else. This person (energy) is only pretending and is not acting in your best interest now does this mean the person did not help you? NO! They helped when they were needed but now God is saying that you are now in a position to help yourself and they cannot continue to assist because you are beyond their ability to assist, which is why their energy has progressed to being toxic, they have not grown but you have. This does not make them a bad person it does however make them less than a good friend for something’s that recently unfolded (y’all know who I am talking to and what I am talking about). The Adinkra Ancestral Cards is stepping in with confirmation with the first card being Abe Dua , The Palm Tree. This tree is not only a symbol of your own resourcefulness but also reminding you that you will have a place to rest as you heal from 2020 and pave your path in 2021. The Mako card reminds us that patience is required, not requested. God is working your behalf the least you could do is be patient. Don’t rush the process, everything will happen at the right time and as all of God’s fruit when it is ripened it will be sweet but it doesn’t happen all at the same time even if it is coming from the same tree. The next card is Gye Nyame, this one means the world to me because it is a literal representation of God’s omnipotence. This card reminds you to have faith in God and all those that serve God and mean you nothing but the best. Now this doesn’t mean trust everyone, God gave you the ability to discern and keep people with garbage energy out of your space. Speak to God often, ask for God to send those who serve to aid you in this year. The next card is Duafe and this card is speaking on the balance that has not been honored during 2020 but will need to be honored during 2021 men and women alike will need to honor the balance of the masculine and feminine and respect those that carry the divine feminine energy and protect them as they have been battered with more worry, pain, fear and turmoil during 2020 and they are too afraid to ask for someone to provide a safe space because they have been let down far too many time. This year honor the balance between the two.

Next we move to The Hoodoo Tarot The Four of Sticks speaks to a cause to celebrate! This year will be a year of healing and gratitude. You can release the minor conflicts and negative interactions and embrace the freedom, love and blessings that have been put into your life. Steer clear of criticism to others that serves no point. If it is not helping them grow, glow or learn why say it? You are birthing negative energy, which is not helping either of you. The Nine of Knives may look like the card from hell but its not this card is speaking to the worst of your situation being over. You have spent so much of 2020 in discord, stressing and feeling shamed. This is the time for letting go and moving into nights filled with restful sleep, no longer will you spend days rehashing situations that created hopelessness and pain with no one to comfort you or the people or person you were struggling with. The Seven of Sticks speaks to the ability to stand up for your-self. 2021 will not be a repeat of 2020 for those who allowed someone to bully them or push them around to the point of exhaustion. The other person will learn that this will not be tolerated and this will be the reason they are eliminated from your life. The strength and tenacity of the alligator is represented in this picture as he is prepared to fight for himself against all who come for him when he didn’t send for them. The Seven of Knives is reinforcing what we know that this will be a year of healing and what better way to heal then in the kitchen with a good meal like on this card. This lady is a great representation of strategic planning in order to move forward in 2021. There have clearly been some issues though because there more than a few things that this card speaks to calling for both parties to provide a real and raw apology and for everyone involved to turn over a new leaf. Remember that “friend” who has been pretending a lot of discord has been caused by them between you and another person you have to exclude this “friend” and make the repairs with the person you hope to remain in good graces with. The Two of Sticks after all is said and done you are going to move into a partnership that will allow you to truly progress. This could be with the same people (after you get on one accord) or this could bring you into a new space with new people. You have to be unafraid to speak your mind, and chase your own goals. You're out here helping everyone meet their goals and your shit is going on undone. The Sacred Spaces Oracle Deck is driving home the point of healing with the Forgiveness card. You cannot truly heal until you forgive now this is not that half ass forgiveness where you continue to make the person's life a living hell with it no this is the real God given forgiveness, the really hard one that forces you to learn to communicate when you are afraid that something is about to take you to that place of fear that will make you relive the hurt you forgave them for. The Blessings that The Divine has planned no one has the words for. God is going to give you the blessings of peace and understanding that will allow you to move through life with all the doors you need open to you. This is not to say there will not be struggle this is to say if a door is closed The Divine is already in the house and will open the backdoor shortly. The Wisdom Card will allow you to take all of the pain, strife and had lessons learned in 2020 and turn them into something that will benefit you and the world around you. This was not in vain so look for moments to use yourself as a tool to help those around you see God’s power. The Love card is something else because it's not just someone else that is showing up but God will help you learn to love you more than you ever have. You are not what they say you are and you are not less than a good person because you hurt someone and you do deserve to be happy. This new person showed up quietly like a breeze on a warm day and they aren’t pushing but they want you to know you deserve love and they are blooming for you when you are ready. The Moonology Deck drives the point home with the card A Time for Healing. 2021 is a healing year for everyone and this is healing from OLD ASS WOUNDS as shown by the card Luck is on your side this card represents the aim that even with it being a new moon the unseen wounds will be found by the hunter whose aim is true. Don’t be afraid to make the first move in this season. Even if you didn’t start the argument, be the one to open the dialog, if you didn’t hurt the other person be the one to heal you both. The first move is often the best. Chiron the Wounded healer just sealed the deal for this being a year of healing old childhood traumas that we allow to destroy our adult relationships while deflecting them onto others. Take time this year to strengthen your relationship with The Divine allow yourself to learn avenues to God that you did not know or were too afraid to know existed and do this without judgment. The card Forth House speaks to the root of many problems stemming from the very roots of your being, in other words things that happened when you were you that made you feel unsafe, unloved and unwanted will now need to be healed and nurtured because you are safe, loved and wanted learn to embrace someone who really has fought to be there. Love them the way they deserve to be loved and in doing so receive the love you have been missing for so long. The Allowance Card and The Discernment card speaks to the blessings coming into your life but also the shady ass people that will try to come into your life to siphon those blessings. Guard your store house because they will sound good but they are not what they seem and if they are the patience we talked about earlier will come into play. The Nuummite Stone represents healing of spirit from hurt over time while the Herkimer Diamond helps the user to realize dreams and remember dreams in an effort to connect with the information and use it to help in this reality. Last but not least the Courage card flows into the Best Possible Decision card, which speaks to having the courage to make the Best Possible Decision, which might mean walking away from things that no longer have your best interest at heart. This is not to say don’t put in effort, this is to say when is it effort vs self destruction for someone or something that will never do the same for you? This year is going to be one for birthing new things and nurturing not just those things but yourself. Care for yourself as much as you do others. Don’t allow someone to destroy your Spirit because they refuse to heal their own. As always stay safe and let Spirit guide your every step African Crystal Goddess FB African Crystal Goddess IG @AfricanCrystalGoddess www.africancrystalgoddessapothecary.com africancrystalgoddess@gmail.com

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