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Guess Who's Back But LowKey Never Left... Corey B!

Photo credit: (Richie.Raw)

Here is the inside look on Corey B's New Single, Lowkey.

Honestly our inspiration for this song was to bring back that male and female vibe like Kim and Biggie where you could both get on a beat together and be cocky and talk about how u do it or like it done, 2 of the hottest influencers in the DMV which is myself and Queen Roxxy came together to tell both sides of what's done in the dark also explaining that no one needs approval for what turns them on and off and what they approve of behind closed doors. Like the lyrics

"They don't gotta know what we've been doing, whats between me and you don't need no one else 's approval, keep it on the lowkey"  also wanted to do more of my rap style because people assume cause I'm a singer I can't rap and that's definitely not the case! 

These songs are a sexual R&B/Hip-Hop compilation of what is done in the dark is just between us and no one else's approval is needed!

Photo submissions: These photos advertise CoreyB & feat. Queen Roxxy for New Single Lowkey

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