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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Middle, is a Canadian artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Middle takes an alternative approach to modern day Hip hop and R&B bringing a unique twist and refreshing personality to the genres. She is known to draw from numerous influences in music to achieve her unprecedented style and sound. With undeniable songwriting ability, Middle is a strong songwriter able to appeal and captivate a wide range of audiences. Middle is passionate about providing a voice in the music industry that belongs to and has emphasis on highlighting the human experience from the perspective of a queer woman of color.

My name is Middle. I’m a recording artist, DJ, producer and audio engineer from the city of Toronto.

1. What or who was your inspiration to pursue music overall?

There was not one or any direct inspiration for me to pursue music. Music and I gravitated towards each other from as early as I can remember. There’s nothing on earth that can move you the way sound can. Even when you can’t hear it, you can feel it. I suppose that alone could be the inspiration then, feeling. There’s nothing in the world that makes me feel as intensely as music does.

2. What makes your sound stand out from other artists ?

I go places with my words that a lot of people wouldn’t dare to go and then I mix it with unconventional sounds and music that still have a modern sound but aren’t generic. I strive to highlight the human experience through my lens as a queer black woman. That means covering any and everything you can think of. All cards are on the table. I can breathe in and out of my vulnerability and care free spirit in a heart beat and I love showcasing that in my music. I’m never trying to sound like someone else. What you experience is my individualism and that can never be replicated or mistaken for anyone else.

3. Do you have any one specific that you are interested in working with?

I feel like the ultimate flex would be to get on a track with Kendrick Lamar. He’s just sooo good, probably too good, but it’s not impossible. Another one would be my hometown hero, The Weeknd. I’ve loved his work for a long time. I’m also 100% down to make some gay a$$ sh*t with Young M.A, I can imagine that being a lot of fun.

4. How much influence do you think music has on fashion?

We should just talk about Hip Hop specifically. Hip Hop has shaped fashion all throughout history. Hip Hop made brands like Bape, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger cool. Even looking at high end fashion, all it really takes is for an artist to reference these brands in their music or be seen wearing them in their day to day life, or for a performance or music video or whatever and then suddenly the masses are interested in wearing the same thing. That’s why it’s such perfect alignment when a guy like Kanye starts a clothing line or starts selling kicks. Or when Travis Scott partner’s with Nike and the shoes sell out instantly and are sold online for like 10x the price they’re worth. Music and fashion go together and always have. Music will always show us signs of the times and that includes what the fashion was like. Mainstream artists set the standard.

5. What do you do for self care when you find yourself feeling burned out?

I stop. I just pause, because doing “nothing” is just as important as doing any thing. We need to take time to enjoy life and allow ourselves to be inspired again. Inspiration doesn’t come when you’re forcing it or looking for it, it shows up unexpectedly in anything and everything that we do. So I take a break to live and just be. I acknowledge that I’m probably feeling burnt out for a reason, life can be overwhelming. I respect what my mind is telling me and I honour those feelings by allowing the gears to work a little slower and cool down. Clearly being burnt out is a sign that I’ve overworked in someway. I’m not a machine set to work on one thing for the rest of my life so I shift my focus onto other things until we get back.

6. What is one thing you would want to be remembered by?

I want to be remembered as someone that wasn’t afraid to live authentically as myself. Someone that entered the world and made it a bit better for everyone that she ever touched.

A Bit More

Middle has currently been rolling out a variety of original music and remixes to some of the most popular songs of our time. Whether original music or a remix, you can always expect Middle to bring hot sapphic representation. Some of the remixes include Call Me By Your Name (Montero) by Lil Nas X, the infamous WAP by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion and Already from the Lion King Soundtrack by artists Shatta Wale, Beyonce and Major Lazer. These remixes premier on Instagram under a series that she calls "#MiddleMix" and are later shared to YouTube often accompanied by captivating visuals. Middle’s next single titled, Casino will be available in all stores including Spotify and Apple Music May 21, 2021.


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