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George Daigle Pioneering Radio: WERU Radio

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The 'radio bug' bit me early on. I remember listening to the local R&B station, KFXZ in

Lafayette, Louisiana, and I called Frank Trahan every week, asking if they had an

opening. I had no experience, but I wanted it. I don't know if I finally broke him down, or

he just wanted to see how much I wanted it. He told me to come in to train on a

Thursday night. Two days later, I was the overnight jock.

I remember being in love when I was young listening to local on-air jocks like Dr. Boogie Live, Horatio Handy, Paul Toby Thibeaux, and DJ the DJ. On weekends I wouldn't go outside on Sunday afternoons with the other kids until after America's Top 40 with Casey Kasem," George Daigle recalls.  

Later, George became the weekly overnight jock on the local Hip-Hop/R & B station,

KNEK, and the host of the gospel show on Sundays at the sister station, KFXZ. While

serving in both those capacities, George became the production director for KNEK,

KFXZ, and KRRQ, all subsidiaries of Citadel broadcasting.

In 1998 KFXZ would switch its music format from Urban Adult Contemporary to all

Gospel becoming the first 24 Hour FM Gospel Station. George was at the helm as the

station's music director and the host of the morning drive show. 

His work ethic and pioneering ingenuity caught Nashville's first 24 Hr Gospel Station, WNSG. George became Morning show host and Program Director at WNSG in 2000. In 2002, WAJV came calling, and George became program director and afternoon drive host of the all gospel format. Later George found himself juggling hats again as the program director of WAJV sister station, WMSU stepped down. George took the reins.

By this point, I was burnt out. For a lot of different reasons. I needed a break from the politics of radio and shifted gears. George has been in the aviation industry for over 16 years and resides in Atlanta. But the fever from the radio bug that bit him years ago still had a grip. Over the years, George has run a Stellar award-nominated internet radio station  joy97.com . 

George Daigle is now the owner and CEO of WERUradio. WERUradio was born out of

a need to fill a void.  WERUradio.com  A new format that combines R&B, Hip-Hop, and

Soulful House Music while giving a platform to artists in the LGBTQ Community.

WERUradio is the urban sound of pride. Our station bridges the gap between the

avenues of an entire community. Music is the universal language that speaks to both

allies and those in the LGBTQ+ community." George says.

What was the inspiration from the beginning behind creating WERURadio?

Honestly, I set out looking for a Pride playlist. However, all the lists I found were void of urban music that influenced me as a gay man. I kept looking and still no lists that included the R&B and Hip Hop and House music I and others grew up laughing, loving, and dancing to.

This gave me the determination to create the list myself and as I delved further I found all these great LGBTQ Artists. Then an idea hit me to create a station that combined all these urban influences.  WERUradio, The Sound Of Urban Pride was formed.

If you could talk to your younger self what piece of advice would you want to tell yourself?

Live your life and love yourself. All of yourself even the parts people tell you that you shouldn't love.

In the state of recent events surrounding LGBT violence especially against our trans brothers and sisters what would be your advice for self-care to activists on the front line?

What's important is that we be visible and control the narrative. People politize movements for their own agenda especially LGBTQ advocacy. Hold our allies accountable when they are silent after our deaths yet benefit greatly from our lives

and contributions. 

Do you have a favorite holiday and why is it your favorite holiday?

Christmas is my favorite. The lights, the decorations, the wrapped gifts, these are a few of 

my favorite things.

What is your fondest memory about the holidays when you were younger?

I loved it when all of the family members would gather at my grandmother's home. Us kids would be running around and the Louisiana cuisine would be there in abundance. It would be a house full and I felt nothing but love

What is a holiday tradition that you started on your own? tell us about what inspired it.

Putting up multiple trees in my home  So far I'm up to 3. My friend Darrel of mine puts up over 30 trees in every corner of his house. I may never get to that, but he inspired the idea. 

 What is your favorite dish to cook or eat?

Cooking is not my strong suit. But I make a great crawfish dressing. It goes quick and I smile when people ask for the recipe. It's the only one I know so I never tell it. LOL

Please tell our viewers where they can listen in and follow up on all things WERURado

You can get the WERUradio app in the Google Play Store or the ITunes App Store. Lookup 

WERUradio on the iTunes Radio, iHeart Radio, and Alexa Skill and our website WERUradio.com We're everywhere on social media just lookup "WERUradio".

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