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D. B. Madison, Author & Entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

D.B. was the CEO and founder of Dollhouse Enterprises Inc,. The platform was created for professional women with emphasis on the LQBTQ community. She has worked with some of the top names in entertainment when she was event planning, she was part of GO Magazine’s 45 hot entrepreneurs, and also featured in the daily news.

D.B. has a strong personality and believes every goal is achievable. A woman of culture, grace, and charm, she enjoys traveling the world, learning new cultures and meeting new people. Determined to make a difference through positive influence, D.B is one of the hardest working women around.

It was only logical D.B. turned her attentions to writing. A woman with so many stories to tell, she found that branch of her career when her brother Brent Smith passed away. She struggled with years of uncertainty before deciding to continue writing his book and creating it into a series he would be proud of. The first book in the Love is Love series which is “The story of Andrew and Jarod” was written in dedication to her late brother. The “B” in D. B. Is in honor of her brother’s name Brent. D.B. lives in New York City with her family and dogs.

To learn more about D.B. accomplishments and upcoming projects you can follow the series on Instagram and Facebook @loveislovetheseries

Who are some of your mentors and idols that have helped you along the way?

First and foremost my mother was my idol and mentor. She taught me to be fearless and ambitious. She challenged me to never settle for mediocre and crush every goal I set out for myself. She taught me to challenge society on its limits and do more than the average person. She taught me to be the best version of me. One of my idols is my daughter Tatyana. Being a mother is the hardest job on my resume. I watch my daughter set goals for herself and crush them one by one. In today’s world it’s so hard to be black and a woman but watching her fearlessness makes me proud everyday.

Tell us a little about what sparked your interest into adding author to your list of achievements.

My brother Brent Smith passed away in 2011 four days after his birthday. He wasn’t sick it was sudden. He died from a heart attack. While cleaning up his apartment I found part of his book “All My Love” behind his bar. Along with the book I also found rejection letters from publishing houses. All of the letters said the same thing; they wasn’t accepting LGBT novels at this time. This was in the late 90’s when he was sending out his typewritten book and query letters. I told myself that day I was going to publish his book. It has been an emotional journey for me to get his book from “ All My Love” to the revamped Love is Love Book Series-Book 1 The story of Andrew and Jarod. My pen name is D. B Madison and the “B” is in honor of my brother Brent. The publishing house that I’m opening is named Smith and Madison Publishing and Smith is in honor of my brother’s last name Smith. This is such a important part of my process of grieving my brother.

The late E Lynn Harris is a great inspiration for me. I remember reading Invisible Life on the train going to college. I remember seeing straight, Gay, Mothers, Fathers etc reading the book. You knew if a person had a book cover over the book they was reading on the train they was probably straight but still wanted to read Invisible Life with no judgement. I feel like today is different and people are more open to reading a LGBT novel and don’t have be a part of the LGBT community. My books is about friendship and love. Everyone experiences friendship and love and love is universal.

What would you want your legacy to be when your name is said in a room?

She is a trail blazer, a go-getter, Ambitious, Creative and most importantly a force to be reckon with.

As an Entrepreneur and Mother what would you tell someone looking for the motivation to create something to call their own on their journey?

Juggling all is sometimes challenging. You have to learn how to give each aspect of your life the appropriate amount of attention and know when to prioritize each one. I won’t be a great mother if I didn’t provide for my family and be a positive role model to my daughter. All jobs are important in their own way but most importantly the most important job is to make sure I’m happy. I won’t be any good to anyone or anything if I’m not happy within myself.

If you were running for office what would your Ad Campaign Slogan be?

Vote for me is a vote equality. As a black lesbian woman equality means everything to me. On a daily basis my thoughts is on my human rights, and equal opportunities as a one the most disrespected person in America being a black woman. I will always fight for equality.

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Read the first chapter of the book by clicking the link ---> https://bit.ly/3e2VVGm

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