A Spirit of Rejuvenation

It felt like I was standing in the middle of everything surrounded by nothing. Hoping

someone would find me and save me from the sting I felt in my heart. The pounding of my

heart knocked me to the ground and for a split second my voice lost sound. I couldn’t

breathe nor take a breath my life was ending I was near death. I felt trapped and was

scorn, my heart was broken and torn.

Just when I thought I would meet my maker, a spirit spoke to me and said there will be no undertaker. At that very moment an earth angel appeared to me. She was brown with slanted eyes, skin like butter and was so pretty. She said I am here to set you free, because the most high wants you to be happy. The angel came rejuvenated me, in a world stricken with pain, a pandemic and poverty. Let me show you the way she said, and I will surely keep you feed, with life, longevity, and prosperity. Let me rejuvenate your life from all the misery and strife. Renew your mind, so that you may find peace and tranquility. Rejuvenation is no easy task, but if you stay positive and prayerful is will surely last. Remember a day above ground is a blessing, take what we’ve endured as a lesson. Cherish what you have, because things could be far worse.

In 2020, this world was surely cursed. We’ve learned patience, the importance of giving flowers to people while they’re still here, making the best out of every moment even the rest of this year. We have struggled this year what can I say, but I feel in 2021 help is on the way. With a New president and democrats taking a majority rule of the senate we have nothing else to do, but win and be infinite. This year has caused us to dig extremely deep, but 2021 will be the year for rejuvenating and playing for keeps.

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