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October Reading: The thinning of the Veil

Happy October! This is the month for fall fun, crop harvests and last but certainly not least the thinning of the veil between the spiritual world and the natural world.

During this time we are ending the cycle of Summer where we are more laid back and relaxed and moving quickly into the Fall cycle where there is work to be done to prepare for the coming months where we will find ourselves in a space of seclusion due to the cold. Right now is the time to prepare your home, car, pantry and your spirit for those months where it seems as if the cold won’t end. What we do right now in this month will lessen our struggles for the coming months.

This month’s deck pull I utilized four separate decks to not only obtain the message but also gain additional clarity for the message. Calling on our Ancestors for guidance is not only a privilege but also something that should be done as often as you can. They direct and guide your footsteps through the blood in your veins and we should not be afraid to receive help from those who loved and prayed for us in life as much as they love and watch over you in death. The first cards I pulled to lead the reading were from the Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Deck.

Okuafo Pa, Denkyem and Mate Masie

When I saw these, I knew exactly where The Ancestors and Spirit were going with their message. This is the season of hard work and we can’t be afraid to put that work in. Think really hard, what is your goal? What dreams are you working towards? How can you make it a reality? It must be by way of hard work. You can’t be afraid to work for your goal as hard as you work towards someone else’s goal. The effort in the end will not only be worth it but it will be of lasting benefit to you and yours. Working hard does not mean we must use all of our efforts on one goal, we can, after all, walk and chew gum at the same time. Learn how to flow and be flexible with your time, efforts and abilities. The adaptability of your efforts will be as important to you as the hard work itself.

My grandmother used to say “there is more than one way to skin a cat” which simply meant if it doesn’t work one way try a different approach. Which leads us to having the wisdom and understanding to know when to make moves and when not to.

We all feel we know what we know and that’s it but there is so much more to life and we must know that we don’t have all the answers and that’s ok. Asking for help is not a show of weakness, quite the opposite, it is an overt display of growth that reminds everyone within your sphere that you are open to new ways of thinking and new approaches. Listening is one of the most effective skills a communicator can have but how many of us are truly listening vs waiting for our turn to speak? If you are the smartest person in your group you might need a new group or you might need to check your ego because everyone in the group has something to offer, not just you.

Our supporting cards were the New Moon in Capricorn, the Two of Pentacles and the White Rose which 1000% supports the start of the reading. You are coming out of a cycle that wasn’t really all that great but now it’s done and you almost feel like you can breath again but you have to stop fearing the worst. It seems like it’s too good to be true right now but the reality is IT GOOD, TRUE and REAL so enjoy it. Find balance in your life between the hard work you are putting in and the peace of mind you want to achieve. As you go with the ebb and flow of a busy life trust The Divine as you balance everything with little to no effort. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture working yourself so hard that you forget the most important things in your life. The White Rose is such an amazing ending to this reading because it’s the reminder that all of the wisdom we have obtained is useful to us over and over, helping us grow even through the pain of life’s thorny little lessons we have now come out on the other side of this cycle so fresh and so clean that we are ready for our new beginning.

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