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Fitness Kickback Talk: 5 Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 12, 2020


When you hear the word fitness what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it I don’t have time? I’m too tired? I’ll start Monday? How about the question, what are you going to make for dinner tonight? Most will have to think for a min or two but in conclusion you will have something for dinner. Correct Let’s take a closer look, when thinking about what you want for dinner you had to believe you need to make or order out dinner and believed you are going to be hungry and believe you will need to eat. Same process needs to be done when you say, “I need to lose a couple of pounds.” “I need to be more active for my children.” “I’m getting older and want to get in better shape.” “I need to exercise to prevent this health issue.” Saying is one thing but believing is the golden key to the path of achieving your fitness goals or any goals for that matter.

The body achieves what the mind believes. Repeat “I deserve to feel good.” When you believe you make better choices to feel good. Everything starts within your own mind.

"Your thoughts, determination,focus and attitude are all essential for achieving fitness success.

It all starts in your mind. All levels of achieving fitness success depends strongly on your thoughts (my son is turning 1 in 3 months; I need to be able to play ball with him. It’s time to start working out.), your attitude (an hour a day I can do it!), your focus (I have to do this for me) and your determination (tomorrow on my lunch break I will walk for 30 minutes.) Believing in you and keep these essential factors in place, repeat “fitness goals here we come!” Thought change the way you think therefore, Think positively, Stay positive and be hungry for

fitness success just as you are hungry for dinner!


Having a bad day or even a good day? Would you believe as little as 30 minutes 3 days a week of consistent physical activity will change your mood, get your blood flowing, increase self-esteem, reduce stress, weight loss and encourage better habits. Maybe as simple as a brisk walk for 30 mins, 30 min circuit training, 30 min home workout video etc.

The exercise does not necessarily have to be athletic or difficult. From a brisk walk around your neighborhood to a dance session in your mirror, after you complete 30 minutes take five minutes to self-reflect. Some key things to make note of during self-reflect, breathing pace, pulse, mood, how you feel after completing exercise, do you want to do more, that smile on your face, the motivation you created for yourself and/or someone else, are you still stress from your work day, energy level, positive thinking over all. Just to name a few, you may be surprised how well you feel after. As the days continue you only feel better!


Breathe in breathe out and correctly, breathing is one of the most important things to remember to do when participating in any kind of workout. Breathing correctly when working out means, on your way down you want to breathe in (lowing bench press bar) and when you’re on pushing phrase you want to breathe out (pushing bench press bar up). Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Remember to power those muscles and give life, oxygen you must inhale and exhale!


Who hates stretching? Stretching is a very important put of fitness that most people fail to do or be consistent in. Stretching allows muscle to be well circulated and healthier. Stretching also help prevent injury while performing different workout or physical activities. Stretching also increases flexibly and posture.

We have to change that hate into somewhat like or love for stretching. It is very important to

incorporate stretching into daily routine especially before and after working out. Stretching pre workout helps get blood moving and range of motion. Stretching post workout help prevent muscle aches and pains. When stretching not only are you lifting a arm or a leg up, in dong so your actually lifting tension from areas, increasing energy and calming mind promoting positive thoughts as you focus on breathing during stretch.

If you have a tight muscle you should stretch that muscle out. Make sure stretch is done properly if you need assistance; seek professional help to prevent injury.


Who’s ready for some fitness fun? Circuit training is a great way to achieve an awesome workout as well as enjoying working out with a group of friends or just challenging yourself. Circuit training is a favorite of many individuals. It allows you to be creative, enjoy different exercises to that you like, workout with multiple people. Here’s a fun example make 5 different stations; one can be sit ups, another pushups, another jump and jacks, run in place and last one burpees. If you have 5 people each on picks a station to start at and let’s say each station is 30 seconds. When 30 secs are up everyone moves clock wise till everyone does each station. You can rest do the circuit again increase the time, change exercises, get

creative. If you’re the only one doing the circuit you can still complete exercises the same way.

Circuit training can be done indoors and outdoors it’s up to you! You can incorporate weights, no weights, resistance bands, cardio, etc.

A great benefit when doing this fun exercise routine is because its multiple stations and you’re moving from one station to the next with little breaks it a cardio and weight training experience. Some people will do 30 minute to an hour circuit training and finish with a complete body workout. Circuit training is also known as HIIT (high intense interval training). Other benefits that can result from circuit training include improving muscle strength and muscle endurance. Also because circuit training can be a fun group workout in promotes and increases social interaction and increases adherence to exercise.

Saralyn Freita

Fitness Kickback Talk

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