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Editor & Chief of Culour Mag.


Culour Magazine is a New York based POC humanitarian based LGBT publication. Established in January of 2017, this publication has become a platform designed for artists of all art forms to share their life experiences with others like themselves. Culour Magazine has featured many artists that come from multiple holistic spiritual and humanitarian journeys that can relate positively through media.


Culour Magazine was established in Jan 2017 by Chief Editor "Genius" in hopes to "build a bridge of changing the narrative".


Culour Magazine digitally features and shares influential individuals among a network that has other POC centered LGBT that are also humanitarians and activists for our community. We feature Individuals that are making a difference and break through multiple audiences. We also work alongside allies of the LGBT for outreach through spectrum's to cross connect to our network in other states and countries. We span as far as the virgin Islands, The UK and even Asia! 

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