January 2019- Edition XII- WOLF SEASON- RENAIR AMIN

Pressing Through the Holidays

by Renair Amin

The last quarter of the year is often filled with laughter, family and other joys. People look forward to the tidings of the holidays, as well as office parties and other events themed with good cheer. Sadly, this is not the story for everyone. Some do not have families waiting to sit down and break bread over a communal meal. Many are spending this time of the year trying to work through grief, depression and other emotions. Of course, there are the recommended avenues like talking to a therapist or life coach, seeking spiritual guidance from your spiritual leader or finding a communal group where you all are able to share your experiences. These can absolutely work wonders for your Being as you do everything possible to press forward. It is not easy when everyone is being all jovial to even act, nevertheless explain, how you are truly feeling without being looked at as the Grinch.

As a creative, there is beauty in the midst of the pain. Some of one's greatest works can come from these reflective moments. Now, these may not be works that will be published, recorded or even shared. They may be simply ramblings from one's spirit into a journal or audio recorder. You might even just share them with someone close. Either way, these works are not necessarily for public consumption but for the purging of your being. In my darkest moment, my mentor gave me a suggestion because I felt that I was overwhelmed internally on the verge of explosion. I was blocked as to how to get it to exit from my system. To help, she charged me with a daily exercise.

Before I was to do my morning practice, I was to write for twenty minutes. She called it the "morning purge." The instructions were simple: I was just to write whatever was on my mind for twenty minutes straight. It did not have to make sense. Nor did it have to be about one subject. It was whatever was in my brain at that moment. She told me to do it for twenty-one days which is usually the minimum of time that is said to create a habit. It was so relieving. I was even told not to go back and read it when I was done for the morning. It was simply a way of allowing my mind to release the overwhelming feeling.

It worked.

Soon, I was able to come out of the fog. I did try to go back and read everything at the end of time, but when I looked at it, it felt like looking in the garbage. There was no need. If you find yourself feeling heavy, try to use your creative gift as a way to express yourself. Whether it is through song, drawing, writing or another medium, take time out of your day for a specific amount of time and just allow your thoughts to feed your art. Do not put any restrictions on it. Just set a time limit and let it flow. This will clear the path for your clearing and who knows, may lead to an idea that you least expected.

RENAIR AMIN, also known as The Pink Love Specialist, is a relationship and life coach. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook (@renairamin) or visit www.pinklovespecialist.com.

January 2019 - Editiom Xii- Wolf Season- Urban Hush **New**

The Grind Don't Stop [but it should rest] By Trista Daniell

If it weren't for the holiday decor and joyful songs splashed everywhere, the "holy-days" might prove one of the more somber months of each year. It is a time of death for the earth...the leaves depart, the animals retreat, even the birds abandon us for warmer climates.... It's almost ominous. Still, we don't let this get us down. We string up lights, decorate trees, fill our ears with holiday carols, and spend our bags on pretty "things" for the people we love. We designate it a "season of giving" and focus our giving and attention outwards...refusing ourselves the greatest gift of the season....a moment of reflection and time to rest. All things need rest - especially humans - and the winter months serve as a reminder to do exactly that. Rest is an integral part of the hustle. Without the "rest" of the earth in the winter spring would just be another part of life we took for granted. It is because of the drudgery of winter we are able to enjoy the pleasantries of the spring. So it is with us. I know you're thinking, how in the hell can rest help my hustle? Don't knock it til you've [rested and] tried it! I challenge you this winter season... In this midst of preparing yourself to BLOSSOM in the spring, carve out some time to retreat and reflect. Rest doesn't mean stagnant. In fact some of my best ideas and creations come when I've allowed my body, mind, and Spirit the opportunity to take a moment so I can enjoy the nothingness of just a human BEING and not DOING. There are many ways you can move forward in the winter while you need nature's call to rest - it is a great time to review relationships and free yourself of things that no longer serve purpose, re-visit old projects with fresh eyes, clear out your clutter before the start of a new year, prepare a self-care plan for the new year - but start implementing it now, reflect on the past year - OBJECTIVELY - acknowledging the ways you've grown and areas that still have room for growth. Most importantly, take some time to reconnect with family, friends....even more, reconnect with yourself. We live in a world that equates business to success; but it is possible to be so busy that you accomplish nothing at all. It's often called, burnout. So this season, while you're securing those bags and grinding to achieve those #goals, don't forget to take a cue from Mother Earth. Slow down. Smell the pine needles. Have an extra cup of eggnog and ruminate on this thing we call life. I promise, come springtime, your rejuvenated self will thank you for this. Love & Rest Ya'll -Trista Daniell