March 2019- Edition XIII- Shero Edition Feat. Trista Daniell

Title: The Sheroes we Know (but often forget)

by Trista Daniell

When we talk about sheroes, we tend to talk about those who've made great strides and left imprints in time - Oprah, Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks... . Each of these women are amazing examples of what it is to be a powerhouse, and there are a million and one articles that'll back me up on that. That's why I'm not going to talk about them. This is about the lesser known women. Those we usually overlook.

The women right under our own noses. While I truly admired the Coretta Scott Kings' and Barbara Jordans' of the world, those weren't the women I deem sheroes. It's the hard working, independent, intelligent, women of dignity, strength and confidence whom my mother, who is all of these things, made a it a point to keep around.

When I think of sheroic, I think of the woman I knew who earned her a Master's degree, in the midst if a messy divorce, while running a mid-sized healthcare agency, raising two kids, and still finding the time to mentor young girls. I think of my great Aunt who owned and ran several successful small businesses after her husband died and took control of her finances well into her senior years.

I think of the women-in-tech I knew (before women-in-tech was a thing) who encouraged my interest in technology and took the time to help develop my own skill in this area. I think of my mom who worked herself up from minimum wage laundry worker at a small nursing home with two other jobs when I was in 1st grade, to making $22/hr as the Head of the entire Laundry & Housekeeping Department for a large agency by the time I hit 9th. These are the sheroes I know.

We like to call them "average" women, but there's nothing average about them. They are our mothers, sisters, teachers, trainers, cheerleaders, friends....they challenge, inspire, and compel us in ways we can only pay forward by becoming sheroes ourselves. Shero status shouldn't be relegated to those who changed the world, but those who changed your life - even if that person is you. And what is a shero if not, the single mother out here hustling to provide for her kid(s), the independent student working two & three jobs to pay her way through college, the small business owner pulling long nights to build her dreams, the sister reclaiming her life and identity after heartbreak, hardship, addiction..... You are a shero. There's someone looking up to you. Give them something worth watching....and aspiring, too.

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March 2019 Edition XIII- Shero Edition Feat Renair Amin

Channeling Your Inner Shero

First, let me say “Happy Women’s Month” to all of my female identifying family out there! What an awesome time to be a woman! Women are taking back their power and moving in not just ‘roaring’ but tearing down to build up a whole new establishment. No longer will they be silenced by a patriarchal system. They are moving in transforming the narrative on what it means to be a woman in today’s society. But is there another way to celebrate women’s month, irrespective of gender? Yes! Another way is to channel your inner shero! For example, if you have a family member or person that inspires you, list the reasons and work out ways to implement those qualities in your life. Maybe it is not their personal attributes but their place in their industry or work-ethic. Think of ways you can apply those skills to your life to help you grow professionally and personally. You could even reach out to them to see if you could have some time to talk to them about their journey and what advice they have for someone looking climb a similar ladder. Finally, another way to honor the Sheros in your life is by using social media. Putting up a post about the individual with a mention as to why she is your shero not only informs others about her but allows her to know how much her presence in this world is appreciated. You could even encourage your friends and/or colleagues to join you and start a Shero Sharing Circle where you all participate by sharing the women in your life who have played a part in your becoming who you are today. At the end of the day, there are creative ways to celebrate Women’s Month even if you, yourself, do not identify as a woman. Just take a moment and think over those influences in your life and channel them – whether publicly or privately – and honor their presence in your life.

-- With Pink Love, Renair Pronouns: She/Her/Ze/Zir

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January 2019 - Editiom Xii- Wolf Season- Urban Hush **New**

The Grind Don't Stop [but it should rest] By Trista Daniell

If it weren't for the holiday decor and joyful songs splashed everywhere, the "holy-days" might prove one of the more somber months of each year. It is a time of death for the earth...the leaves depart, the animals retreat, even the birds abandon us for warmer climates.... It's almost ominous. Still, we don't let this get us down. We string up lights, decorate trees, fill our ears with holiday carols, and spend our bags on pretty "things" for the people we love. We designate it a "season of giving" and focus our giving and attention outwards...refusing ourselves the greatest gift of the season....a moment of reflection and time to rest. All things need rest - especially humans - and the winter months serve as a reminder to do exactly that. Rest is an integral part of the hustle. Without the "rest" of the earth in the winter spring would just be another part of life we took for granted. It is because of the drudgery of winter we are able to enjoy the pleasantries of the spring. So it is with us. I know you're thinking, how in the hell can rest help my hustle? Don't knock it til you've [rested and] tried it! I challenge you this winter season... In this midst of preparing yourself to BLOSSOM in the spring, carve out some time to retreat and reflect. Rest doesn't mean stagnant. In fact some of my best ideas and creations come when I've allowed my body, mind, and Spirit the opportunity to take a moment so I can enjoy the nothingness of just a human BEING and not DOING. There are many ways you can move forward in the winter while you need nature's call to rest - it is a great time to review relationships and free yourself of things that no longer serve purpose, re-visit old projects with fresh eyes, clear out your clutter before the start of a new year, prepare a self-care plan for the new year - but start implementing it now, reflect on the past year - OBJECTIVELY - acknowledging the ways you've grown and areas that still have room for growth. Most importantly, take some time to reconnect with family, friends....even more, reconnect with yourself. We live in a world that equates business to success; but it is possible to be so busy that you accomplish nothing at all. It's often called, burnout. So this season, while you're securing those bags and grinding to achieve those #goals, don't forget to take a cue from Mother Earth. Slow down. Smell the pine needles. Have an extra cup of eggnog and ruminate on this thing we call life. I promise, come springtime, your rejuvenated self will thank you for this. Love & Rest Ya'll -Trista Daniell