March 2019- Edition XIII Feat. Camyonce

T. Lavender : Where are you originally from & where do you reside now?

Camyonce : I am originally from Washington DC but now I stay in Pretty Girl County Maryland.

T: Tell me a little bit about growing up where you’re from. Was it hard being your true self or was everyone accepting of you?

C: Coming up it wasn’t very hard for me to live in my truth . Growing up the LGBTQ was a growing force within my city that people loved & respected. So growing up in Washington DC was great for me.

T: At what age did you come out to your family & friends?

C: I came out right before high school in 8th grade at the age of 14.

T: Now how have you’ve adjusted to your new found fame honey?
Are people from the wood works trying to be your friend again or are people treating you the same?

C: I don’t like calling it fame because I don’t believe I am where I need to be in my career but with continuous hard work one day I will. Since growing my name into a household name people definitely treat me different now & it hurts because I just want to live my life like a normal 21 year old but I guess this is one of the prices you pay for fame.

T: Tell me how long have you been a Barb?

C: I have been a barb for 13th years since MySpace days . I was young always watching the under ground rap battles in New York City with my sister & I feel in love with Nicki .

T: How did you and the Queen Nicki Minaj become friends?
Are you going to do more radio shows as well?

C: friends is a strong statement I can only wish that title one day . What I can say is she is a great mentor via music & the guidance she gives you . Would I be working with Nicki again ? Mhm you would have to just wait a see {wink}

T: I know the boys are chasing you down. How them Dm’s looking these days boo?

C: My dm's stay jumping but I’m really not interested surprisingly I have some good opinions but once you see someone social media side it makes you a little questionable about their personality as a person . So it’s 50/50 with my dm's.

T: Are you dating anyone or are you living the single life?

C: I’m single right now & looking I want someone to be my best friend first then be the man i know you can be but first let’s learn each other so even if the love don’t work we will stay have that respect as friends there.

T: I know you’re into fashion. Because your style is so fresh & different. Who are your favorite designers?

C: My favorite designer would have to Kanye West due to his colors, his crazy ideas, & his i don’t care attitude when it comes to taking risk in fashion . I love that Kanye is just free with thinking when it comes to fashion .

T: What advice would you give our LGBT youth that somebody didn’t give you?

C: Learn to love yourself before loving someone else . Learn to respect your body because it’s your temple that only someone deserving should experience. Learn to live in your truth with your head held up . & understand GOD made no mistake when he made you he just dropped extra spark in you .

T: What upcoming projects do you have in store for us to be on the look out for?
C: I will be starting my YouTube channel about my new journey that I’m on I can’t wait for you all to see it.

T: Shoutout your social media outlets so everyone can follow your journey.

-C:Instagram: Therealcamyonce-Twitter: OhThatsCamyonce-Snap: Officialyonceee