Anna Marie- January 2019 Edition XII- Wolf Season

I lean back As you pour Dehydrated My body absorbs every drop Drip drip Each molecule Of your love Seeps into my pores Flooding my blood stream My eyes turn red My heart enlarges In shock I lift my head up And just ... smile Addicted to this new supply I carry a special Needle Afraid of what I’ll Be without I keep it close Once I feel pain I up the dose When my the love is low Instantly it’s injected Thank god overdosing Means I’m alive and happy Just a little bit longer High on you I need nothing but this Your love and me Is the cure my immunity from negative vibes Fake laughs False impressions of what I have within you Right now I’m feeling weak Let me lean back Inject and just Smile... Anna Marie

October/ November 2018- Edition XI- Field Freshmen - Urban Cypher

Pain configured into a smile Coldness shielded by manufactured warmth Visual imagery painted by a brush of lies Standing beside you as internally I die My truth trails behind me Bashing against the ground as I walk Producing this agonizing sound My feet stop but the pain doesn’t My mind shaking from the noise that no one else can hear I drop Wrapping myself with shame Trying to hide But from who ? My own enemy is me It’s my demons killing me with my reality Having to face what I’ve been running from On the floor I lie with contemplation My only choice is to be free To look within myself Only then will the bashing cease I will feel the warmth through all extremities A blank canvas faces me to be painted with strength Reborn in my love I rise A new melody Is created This as well only for me to hear it’s the sweetest sound For my wild thoughts

Edition IX

When I speak of fucking her im not just talking about physically
Im referring to fucking her thoughts to the point they become mine
Transferring her pain to me and releasing them delicately with love
Tasting every tear with intentions of drowning in them
Then floating in her grief full of understanding
In all actuality im a softie
Sensitive to my own pain and hinder myself when it comes facing my own demons
But when it comes to my queen
My walls are built of steal
I can suppress all of her feelings for at that moment its not about me
My focus is purely on her and her being
My love for her is stronger than any sadness I encounter
My motivation to deal with inner emotions is driven to protect her
Her taste , her smell, her energy is better than any I've been in contact with
Every selfish bone leaves my body
Immediately that "I" becomes "We "
In our conversation we fuck so passionately
Lost in eachothers happiness and pain so naturally
This is what happens when love is more then the physical anatomy
Over and over I will taste her
Inbetween breaths I will fuck her
Until there is nothing in her but hope and peace
As she's releasing so am I
Intaking her thoughts im releasing mine simultaneously
She doesn't even know that without intent she is my therapist
My emotional nymphomanic that i love to indulge in
Im addicted to her sex and just know
This is how physical and mental visuals connect

Anna Marie


I could easily say I need you
but to want you fits best
A need is something if you lack than you wont survive
But a want
That's something you choose
it becomes a personal need in your eyes
Your love is what I want
An emotion I crave to feel only from you
Everyday my eyes search for those texts
My ears listen for when Im seeing you next
And my soul yearns to be touched by you
Your love has become my personal need
My motivation and my light in this dark world
My compass that deters me from all negativity
I swore I would never let someone become apart of me
That my love was all I needed in this lifetime
Then there was you
Yes I may need my blood to flow through my body
But its your energy I want to sustain my heart
To keep its pattern of beating up to par
in a rthymn I couldn't create alone
You see all my needs to survive have been enhanced by my wants
My want to be with you everyday
Enhanced my need to survive
My want to love you in a way you never felt
Enhanced my need to self love
Can you now see how a want can impact a need
The difference between the two
How my wanting you somehow over powers the phrase
"I need you"
I will want you everyday because its my choice
Its a natural crave instead of something that is forced
Just know I WANT you forever

Written by Anna Marie