March 2019- Shero Edition Feat. Keylow Black
Interviewed by Editor L.H.Genius

Genius: Introduce yourself

KB: KeyLow Black born an raised on the south side in Washington DC. I am an American rapper, singer, songwriter by night but have a passion for intellectual inclusion by day. With licensing shows in addition to MP3 Sales. I have been focusing on evolving my sound and career to new heights. Most importantly, I have grown my fam base, which have allowed me to perform all over in house hold name venues such as The Fillmore, The Howard theater, and Lincoln theater all located in Washington D.C. 2018 , Keylow black released a total of 15 singles and plans to continue publishing more in 2019.

G: When did you realize your passion for intellectual inclusion?

KB: As a teenager and throughout my college experience, I volunteered at parks and recreation summer camps and worked with individuals with disabilities during the summers. It was the first time I realized I enjoyed working in that capacity. I found it to be rewarding and very much a learning experience. I was able to recognize individuals with disabilities as individuals with differences. The disability really makes no difference at all in who they are an thats what I fell in love with.

G: What message would you want to leave as your legacy?

KB: Live like you mean it. Engage this life with passion and gratitude with no regrets.

G: Who are some of your influences?

KB: Some of my earlier influences were Queen Latifah and Da Brat as well as Nonchalant. Now im influenced by music that moves the soul. Some of those artists are Kenilworth Katrina, Yung bleu, Young Ma.

G: Tell the viewers how they can keep in touch with you.

KB: They can follow me on... YouTube: Keylow_black Sound cloud: Keylow_black IG: keylow_black FB: keylow_black Twitter: SEkeylow Https://

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March 2019- Edition XIII- Featuring Tracii Haze

Interviewed by: Editor L.H. Genius

G: Introduce yourself to the readers

TH: My name is Tracii Haze, i refer to myself as a word artist. Some of my biggest musical influences come from neo-soul and r&b with a touch of trap. I call this fusion of genres “Trap and Blues.” I want to write music the heals people, as well as something for them to dance to!

Genius: What was it like growing into the artist that you are today?

It was like constant evolution; from the things ate to the things I said. They all contribute to the person and artist that I am today.

2.How does your artistry contribute to your everyday life? Influences?

TH: It’s more so my everyday life contributes to my artistry. That’s where I get my inspiration. I’m influenced by vibes. I don’t don’t write songs. I create vibes.

G: Tell us about a time where support mattered the most to you.

TH: It matters the most right now. because I’m putting out my first original project, “Free Fall.”

G: Any advice for artists seeking management or deciding to take a solo route?

TH: Having a manager is definitely very helpful. Especially if they believe in you and aren’t afraid to do the work. Going it alone can be done. I’ve done it. You just have to align your lifestyle with your music. Make it your business.

G: Tell the viewers where they can find you and your music.

My first EP “Free Fall” will be available on all streaming platforms April 30th. You can follow me on ig @tracii_haze for updates, bookings, and new releases. As well as for all other social media platforms.

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March 2019- Edition XII- Feat. Jimmi Montana

Interviewed by: Editor L.H.Genius

Introduce yourself.

Hello World. I’m an artist from Cleveland, OH and my name is Jimmii Montana.

G:When did you first notice music was your passion?

JM: At the age of 11.

G: Who are some of your influences?

JM: Tobe Nwigwe, Lil Wayne & Beyoncé.

G: What is the best thing about being you?

JM: Being able to be honest and willing to endure whatever consequences that may come with that.

G: Do you have any advice to anyone who wants to pursue music professionally but might not have the means to do so?

JM: Utlize your social media platforms to their fullest extent.

G: Tell the readers where they can find you and your music.

JM: Instagram: TheRealJimmiiMontana Twitter: JimmiiMontana SoundCloud: JimmiiMontana YouTube: JimmiiMontana1 iTunes/Spotify/Google Play: JimmiiMontana

JM: I want to thank you all for the opportunity and I also want to thank my supporters. I love y’all so much!!

We want to thank Jimmi Montana for interviewing with Culour Magazine