Enlighten with LiteShado

Natalie (LiteShado) will be bringing you the whats going on all over the world for the LGBT of color in her column Enlighten with Liteshado

January 2019- Edition XII-Wolf Season

Spring/Summer of 2019 brings the LGBTQ community together for insightful conversation and all-night memories. What happens at Gay Pride stays at Gay Pride! Round up the ladies, pack the luggage, and let's get ready to have the best, gay ass 2019 this side of the globe! Between Miami, Orlando, and Provincetown, you will NOT be at a loss of options for drunk nights you won't remember with people you will not forget. If you gotta bring sand to the beach, you'll be joined by thousands of beautiful, positive, good vibes of other couples that are on getaway mode, while the rest of us singles will take advantage of the wide plethora of availables that grace the bars and dancefloors. Sounds like a win/win to me! Let's get down to the specifics: From April 5th-7th, Miami Beach will be home to 3 of the most iconic female DJs and MUCH party atmosphere during Fling Women's Weekend. DJ Tatiana,, DJ Gigi, and Miami's very own DJ Citizen Jane will rock the dance floors for this fantastic event. While details aren't quite available in terms of performers, I'm sure that this will be a weekend you don't want to miss. Are you more the adventurous type? Do you have a passport? If you answered "yes" to both, make sure to mark your calendar for the Jasper Pride Festival, which takes place in Alberta, Canada. From skiing to climbing, and a "lum-bear-jack" party, you won't be at a loss for crazy sh*t to post on Insta. While I'm not a fan of the cold, I definitely refuse to turn down an opportunity to say I went to Jasper's "Boylesque" performance. Some things you have to do just to say that you did it. Ya dig? Kissimmee, Fl will also be in full effect from May 30th to June 3rd as the Girls in Wonderland festivities kick off during Gay Days at Orlando's Disney World Resort. During the same weekend, Womxn of Color Weekend will commence in Provincetown, Mass! This event is more focused on bringing together mature thought while still creating unforgettable memories. This is a great way to network with a forward-thinking community and keeping it light. It's all about balance. In light of the balance, make sure to also make yourself very available for the Back Lot Bash Chicago, which goes down on June 22nd. If you like outdoor entertainment, lesbians, and liquor, this might be your favorite event . Performers of all genres will grace the mic, and they also make sure to have family-centered, kid-friendly events which is awesome. Overall, you will have many options available to you this upcoming year for education, beautiful experiences, and good tans. The only issue you may have is making sure you have enough vacation time available to make all the events I've listed here. But, the good thing is, you have a few months to prepare. Your job is now to get to it. May the countdown begin.