March 2019- edition xiii- the shero

BODY TALK w/ Nicole Sanders, OTA, LMT, CPT Celebrity Trainer / Rehab Specialist

The "S"?

If someone were to ask you, “What’s most important to you?” what would you say? Like many women, you might rattle off a list of things; family, kids, and friends. Or maybe you’d say, career, sex, partner and money. But where would health fit in? Would it be in the top 10? How about the top 20? Maybe not at all and that is problematic. The truth of the matter is that health should always come first. Not so much in your list of important things but in your day-to-day.

"Women are heroes from the womb. That is a fact. We are created to carry and give life. We are created to nourish right from our bodies." We are fierce in so many ways. We build empires. We can wear men's clothes better than they can. We are professionals saving the world in all areas.

We can touch each other in public and it not be weird or sleep in the same bed and it not be frowned upon. We lead the march for human rights. We create change through our voices. We are smart. We are strong. We are going to save our country. What we are not, as a group, is as healthy as we can be. We are superwomen without the 'S'. The 'S' is for 'self' and for too often, we are willing to get in line behind everyone else.

Nearly half of us are overweight or obese, over a third have hypertension, 1 in 9 has diabetes and the leading cause of death is heart disease. These are all preventable incidents that can be addressed a little each day. Superheroes can’t neglect themselves while saving everyone else; it’s time for and SOS.. Save Ourselves! Here’s 4 easy things to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.
1. EAT BREAKFAST: Make sure you eat breakfast within an hour of waking. You need to break your fast from the overnight and get your body's insides ready for the day. It shouldn't be sugar-filled coffees and parfaits. It should be simple foods like eggs and oatmeal.

2. GET MOVING: Pick a time during the day where you can do 15-20 minutes of high-intensity exercise. We need that heart pumping and those muscles working. Remember your high school gym class? Jumping jacks, burpees, sprints, push-ups and crunches are a good start.

3. BE SELECTIVE: Control how much of the sugary, fried and processed foods you consume. None of these options aid in fat loss or make you feel your best. As a matter of fact, they all make you feel sluggish, bloated and feeling hungry soon after.

4. PAY ATTENTION: Take the time to notice how your clothes are fitting, what your energy level is and/or how you are breathing. These are usually the first signs that your health is changing and needs some attention. Take heed early so that you can make the necessary adjustments ASAP. As you can see, none of these options are earth-shattering or require a Herculean effort. They just need and deserve a bit of your time so that you can maintain your 'S' status both for yourself and as Superwoman.

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