Body talk with nicole sanders- edition xii- wolf season

BODY TALK w/ Nicole Sanders, OTA, LMT, CPT Celebrity Trainer / Rehab Specialist
Gotta change to change.

"Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation." In January of 2018, I decided to add to my arm of tats. I wanted something to represent the many changes I had made and the big changes still in front of me. I needed something to signify new life and ideas because that is what a new year vibe is for me. The caterpillar. After its cocooning stage, it births into an entirely new creature. That process, which from the outside looks quiet, is actually very active. This is where the caterpillar digests its old body on its way to becoming a butterfly. That quiet but active process is where you are right now and if you take this time to put a few things in motion, you too will be ready for the reveal. If you have not figured out how you will make your impact for 2019, you still have a few weeks left. Now is the time to get into a routine that involves good habits.

You know the old saying that summer bodies are made in the winter? Well, they are and you will be surprised at how your body will impact all of those bright ideas you want to put into motion. Here are five concrete ways to go from caterpillar to butterfly. But remember it’s the in-between stages where the important groundwork is laid. It’s the same thing in life. You know like that idea of yours? It's an idea right now but it involves research, defining your audience and maybe even some capital before you can even put it out there. The process is similar for your body; the quiet in-between phases is where the real work happens.

1. Carve out your time to workout and your time to food prep. This is the most important step because without this, you have no plan. No plan, you will fail. Treat this time like a very important business meeting. No one is more important than you.

2. Be committed to the process. This is where you put in the work even when you don't feel like it. No matter what. It does not happen overnight and your changes may come slow. But if you are consistent, you will feel and move better and shortly will see the changes in how your clothes fit.

3. Don't be afraid to distant people who are not supportive of your fitness journey. Many people want you to be as unhealthy as they are and at the sight of you beginning to tighten up and move with a pep in your step, they will try to sabotage you.

4. Eat every 3-4 hours and keep your meals around 400-500 calories. Be sure to get enough protein and complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato and leafy green veggies.

5. Stay away from processed (prepackaged) foods, drink plenty of water and eliminate sugary drinks.

There will be moments where you feel like you are putting in the work and not getting the results. That is how entrepreneurs are as well. You work and work and think that nothing's happening until you see that more and more people are paying attention to what you have to offer and people are reaching out to you for your expertise.

If you are able to follow the simple five steps above, you will have a body you will be proud of by the time the weather is ready to see a bit more skin. Your idea will be completely developed and so will your body. Get ready to fly like a butterfly...body, mind and idea!

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