Body talk with nicole sanders

BODY TALK w/ Nicole Sanders, OTA, LMT, CPT
Celebrity Trainer / Rehab Specialist
Is it enough?

Woooo-weeeeee!!!!!! This has been a BIG YEAR for women. Especially black women. We are running for office. We are commanding covers of magazines that have NEVER had us there. We made the US Olympic speed skating team---first time ever! We are being crowned Miss Universe of Great Britain. We are deepening our relationships in the entertainment industry where we are writing and controlling more of our narrative on how we want to be portrayed.

"We must be five times better than our counterparts. That is a lot of pressure. We want our comfort foods. We want our cocktails. We want to be social and have fun because we are young proud and dammit, we earned it. Right? We are 'rah-rah-rah' when it comes to sisterhood, no question. But what about when it comes to our health? Not so much."

We are often plagued with disproportionately high incidence or mortality rates for various health conditions, like heart disease, breast cancer, and more. Look around at your closest friends (after you assess yourself). How many have a waist that is more than 35 inches? Who has high blood pressure (or borderline)? How many of you have high cholesterol or have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic? If you are in a room with two of your best friends, at least one of you has at least one of these issues.

57% of African American women are overweight or obese?

So while we are celebrating our BlackGirlMagic, we must also make sure we celebrate our bodies; our temples, to make them the best that they can be. That doesn't mean starving ourselves down to a size or hopping on the latest fad diet or becoming a vegan or vegetarian simply because you think that will make you become less overweight. I know plenty of women who have eliminated animal sources from their diets and they are (and look) unhealthy. Know what you are doing. The bottom line is that you still must get a certain amount of calories and nutrition. You need your protein, your carbs, and your fats to sustain optimal health. Honestly, the key is to get what you need for your body. We are different so we require different amounts. However, there is a basic formula that works across the board for most adults. It goes something like this...limit your fatty, processed, sugary and alcoholic sources and you can't go wrong. While you are curtailing what you put in your mouth, be sure to move your ass like your life depends on it. BECAUSE it does. You will feel and see a difference faster than you think.

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