Introduce yourself.

I'm T.Taylor; he is me and I am him. I'm from New Haven, Connecticut. I'm 23 years old and still learning. I'm an open proud black gay man that somehow made the magic inside of me become reality. Far as career titles I am a published author, musician, actor/ artist overall.

What makes you stand out as an artist among others?

I am authentic to who I am. I'm in my own lane creativity. I don't see competition unless I'm facing the mirror; that's my number one person to compete with. My delivery with my raps/ flows/ production has gained the public's attention ( which I'm deeply grateful for). I'm always reminding people of that old school feel of rap. I feel what I rap, I write what I rap and I don't allow certain connections come in between that playground within myself. I've been locking myself in the bathroom and writing my life away. I listen to my mixtape the other day and I'm impressed at the drive I have. The fact that I was facing so much and I still was able to do my job; sometimes outdo my own expectations of self. There's not a lot of people that are willing to give up things or deal with discomfort for their dreams; myself, on the other hand will do it all for my dreams. I don't want people to think I'm signing myself a way or anything like that. I'm just focused and dedicated to my craft. I have what it takes to reverse the curse for artists like myself. That's what makes me stand out.

How much of your influence as an author, artist, entrepreneur come from your family background?

I watched a lot people in my family give up or settle for what's given. There's a handful of us pushing and praying along the way. When I was 9 years old I told myself once I get the ball bouncing; I was going to make shit happen. That cycle had to be broken and it started with me. I was inspired by their raw talents and the beautiful things they've created. I didn't really have many people in my family doing what I'm doing; so I had to learn along the way. The stories and experiences told on my upcoming debut EP " Boys Just Wanna Have Fun." shows a glimpse of my experiences and the trauma I survived. I'm very proud of this work that the world will hear on April 6th

Who influences your sense of style? What era do you favor the most?

Foxy, Kim, Nicki, Biggie, Jay- z and Missy. I found myself in them. I remember listening to Nicki's mixtapes and going into my sophomore Spanish class; so inspired and I started to write my first raps. I always had skills as a writer and the flow just developed over time. Within the recording of my first mixtape is where I found myself. My approach to songs is always to bring even more life to it; do something that's gonna leave an impact. I play Foxy and Kim albums all the time; it's something so beautiful about a deep flow. That's why I switched my flow( 2 years ago) because I was deeply inspired and I love a deep flow on a track. 90's will always be my favorite era for music because that's when everyone wanted it. They had stories to tell and they told them beautifully; impacting the following generation to step their pens up. There's not many artists that will impact you to change your life, step up your pen or make your music selection even more sexier. Upon first listening I give people that comfort they've been looking for in music. I'm bold, loud and sensitive in my music. They tell me the connections they make to my faves through my music and that's a compliment. Humans only can connect things at times; it's very rare for them to see you as your own artist. They have to connect you to this person or that person and I just learned to live with it. My originality will always be there. I'm not rapping no one's experiences but my own. I'm amused most times with life and that's what inspires my pen.

Any advice to upcoming artists or authors looking to pursue their dreams.

Be yourself always. Listen to your gut and follow your gut. You have nothing to lose but more to gain. It's okay to be sensitive and it's also okay to be aggressive ( with your business, heart, mind, soul and art). The first step to becoming who you see/ feel you are is to simply BECOME IT. Walk into your truth and know that everyone isn't rooting for you. You'll lose lovers, friends, family members and so on during this journey. Do not bring the business home. Have a division between you and the artist side of you. I'm not "T.Taylor" 24-7. I learned to love Tre' Vaughn and nurture him. Allowed myself to make mistakes and learn from them. We are all experiencing this thing called life. What will you make of it my love?