august style and class edition- ABSOLUT STYLEZ- g star salon - brooklyn , ny

Felicia Tolbert (aka AbSoLuT StYLeZz), Is a 27 year old Brooklyn-based hairstylist.

Located at GSTAR THE SALON. I have been in the hair industry professionally since 2010, but I have been doing hair since I was 13. In elementary school I used to be in the bathroom learning how to braid my friends’ hair and always being fascinated about how neat braids looked on people. The summer before my freshman year of high school, my mother told me she wasn’t going to be doing my hair anymore. So, I had to step up and do something! Every weekend I was in the bathroom braiding my hair in different designs. I truly put my creativity to the test, and I also realized how much of a neat freak I am. Whenever my hair looked fuzzy, I had to braid it over.

All of the practice and constant parting and braiding started to pay off by the second semester. My parts were cleaner and my braids neater. The guys in school, who had long hair, would begin to ask me to braid their hair. And that is how I began my hustle. I began charging $20 a head. I went from doing friends hair to having a business on Craigslist, which was pretty successful throughout my last years in high school and beginning of college.

I took interest in haircutting during my college years. College did not work out for me. I saw it as a sign to take control of my life and do what made me happy. I told my mom it was time, and I want to go to cosmetology school. September 2009, my mother surprised me by taking me to Empire Beauty School. I started the course in October and I finished May 2010. I was one of the top students of my class and I learned soo much about hair. I realized the level of my creativity to the point I won class competitions! It was an amazing journey. After school, I went on to take my written and practical exams, passing both. I was officially a cosmetologist as of February 2011. Since then, I've perfected my crafts on different levels by working in salons and barbershops that helped mold me into the bomb hairstylist/barber I am today. I started at Supercuts where I learned how to cut straight/curly hair in less than 30min. Then I stepped up a notch when I worked at Levels barbershop where I learned how to work with Afrocentric hair types. So I perfected my fades, afros, designs, etc. I also learned the hustle of getting clientele instead of them just being handed to me. Last but not least I ended up at the salon of my mentor/ big sister who was the first to believe in me as a hairstylist. Being a hairstylist and barber means a lot to me. It's apart of being a servant leader. I am able to make people feel better leaving than when they came in. Making people look good boosts their self confidence inside and out, and I'm apart of that part of their journey of life.


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